Romantic love and the ego

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    Is it possible to have an ego-less,romantic love?
    True love, formless and unwanting, seems at odds with what we might call romantic love.
    Being in love with someone means you are in love with the idea of that person that you have in your head, a form. We can only see our image of that person, not who they really are. We want from them love, attention, reaction, affection. The ego wants. The ego shapes the form of the individual with whom we see ourselves being in love.
    True love does not know form, does not know want.
    But then there is the idea of what people might call a soul mate. A soul mate you may love unconditionally, without question. Does something like this exist, or does it all contain ego?
    Can being in love, under the guise of introspection, help us to achieve a less egoic mind? Of course it can. But can it sustain?


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