Rollitup has been hacked?

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Cuzin Red, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Looks like RIU's forum has been hacked into by some religious "Jah" outfit. All posts on all the boards have been removed and along with the poster's avatar is replaced by all the same link to a Jah page about drug use and salvation because the end is near. Lol! I bet a lot of people are really p.o.'d.
  2. you cant even open RIU from google...

  3. NEWS FLASH: Marijuana's ILLEGAL!
  4. damn the sites shut down.. wanted to check it out :smoke:
  5. Yeah, surprised others haven't already been talking about it on here. Noticed it a couple hours ago. And their Google link hasn't worked since.
  6. Might of just been DDoS'd or something so it isn't responding to any connections.
  7. Already sent a nice little email to their Jah character in the UK.
    FYI: email is,
  8. The way the fanatic sounded I'm sure they're trying to do the same on here, THC Talk, THC Farmer, Planet Skunk and most others.
  9. cuzin red can you post the article in window i hate to leave this site for any thing

  10. I would not recommend emailing them, thus giving them your email address. Hope you used a fake one :D
  11. Not sure what you mean by posting article in window. I can't access RIU to get any more info now anyway. Would have no problem with your request except I don't know what else to post.
  12. I never use an email add. with any potential link to the rest of my life and real email add. when I cruize or post on these forums anyway.
  13. I'm kinda' pissed; I had a journal going, on which I've now apparently wasted a lot of time.

  14. im a very avid person on their forum. its my home site and has been for a while. id come here more often but this site isnt to active and the people there talk to eachother
  15. lol that's what forum journals are all about. helping people waste time staring at plants. even more of a waste because we can only imagine the co2/oxygen that would have occurred if people were actually with the plants.
  16. welcome to the GC brothers fykshun and silasraven. I am sure you and the other RIU'ers will find your niche's in this green site.
  17. Peace, Silas - I've got the same handle ("fykshun") on RIU, and for the same reasons as you, it is also my home site. I was just able to access the site, but a large blank box appears and in small text states that the database is being upgraded.

  18. That's bullshit! GC is here to stay!
  19. Thanks for the welcome, hope2toke. I'm looking for a very good DWC thread dealing with dissolved oxygen in the reservoirs through flooming instead of air stones. If you happen to know of one, I'd appreciate mighty much a little help navigating. Thank you, and peace!


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