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Rolling uses

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bigsack, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. so last night I was fucked up on Xanax bars and I rolled a joint out of CPU paper last night. That won't hurt you will it? What's some other household items you can use?
  2. Smoking out of a homemade bong (if made well enough) is alot healthier than rolling a joint with computer paper. If you wanna smoke a joint but have no means of getting proper rolling papers, use bible paper (find a page with no ink on it.)

    Make a waterfall bong.
  3. printer paper is treated with aluminum and titanium oxides to give it that pure white color. these will rape your lungs. and they're very hard for the body to remove so it can to (minor) long term damage.

    if you really want to roll in a pinch you COULD use coffee filter paper. but if your 18 (WHICH YOU ARE!!!) just go pick up a pack of papers...
  4. you can just go to a gas station or head shop and spend $1 for a thing of papers instead of killing your lungs with chemicals
  5. haha...come'on kiddies dont be lazy just go to the gas station

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