Rolling Stone Magazine appreciation thread

Discussion in 'General' started by Life is Limbo, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. who else loves this magazine, I just got done reading the article about the big lebowski and getting to the article on how bush fuck over the republican party. Am I the only one here that loves Rolling Stone?
  2. I've got a subscription :D
  3. glad to see someone else feels the same way.
  4. i have been a fan of the mag ever since i can remember. i remember when they
    were like newspapers lol
  5. Rolling Stone is a parody of what it once was and of what it once stood for.

  6. QFFT. When they reviewed Tha Carter III as 4.5/5 stars, I lost whatever little respect I had for the magazine.

    Robert Cristgau is the man though (anyone know what I'm talking about?)
  7. The music scene nowadays is a parody of what the 60's and 70's were, no need to damn rollingstone for going with the ages.
    dont read that, it sounds borin imo

    i rather read EGM, xbox official mag, popular science

  9. The music scene now is amazing, but Rolling Stone doesn't cover the good. Mostly covers the hipster "indie" (laughable because most of these bands are signed to major lables) scene, but what can you say? The "ROCK MUSIC" scene nowadays is a parody of what happened in the 60s and 70s. However, jazz, hip-hop, avant-garde, and electronic music are still flourishing underground.

    I would never read a magazine like Rolling Stone for political opinion....
  10. well the bands they are covering and just about all of the "bands to look at" seem to become very popular after they make the recommendations. I didn't listen to Kings of Leon tell there recommendation, then when I saw them in concert. It was like hearing the Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Lynard Skynard having a massive orgy in my ear and throught my body. The music scene in the 60's and 70's was a parody of the blues, fowk and rock before it, it is only building on what was once great. People of rollingstone like to hear what is new and good, and it is hard to find lots of jazz, hip hop, avant grade and electronic music that is up and coming to be great. There needs to be some kind of mainstream success and appeal in the music group being covered or nobody would read it at all. As for political opinion, that is up in the air, when they do there homework it usually good read, but when they talk out of there ass, that section of the magazine can be used to wipe your ass.
  11. Word, good point.

    My roommate was into the magazine so I would read a couple of em here and there, but I guess I'll give it another chance.
  12. I can feel why you would be taken away from the magazine, people like what they know.
  13. QFT. I'm pretty liberal, but Rolling stone takes it to a laughabely extreme level. They are unable to even acknowledge any thing conservative with out adding a whiny little dig.

  14. I mean I still listen to Rock, but I don't like to follow the hype that magazines create. I would rather be recommended by a friend and then check the band's music out.
  15. is where I go for the most part, they are pretty well put together and let you sample lots of stuff.
  16. Yeah I have an account on there, defnitely cool. I liked it more before the layout change though :(
  17. yeah it seemed like alot more people were on the old layout.
  18. yeah they got me on one of those 10 year subscription deals

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