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rolling paper size?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nathan549, May 27, 2010.

  1. whats the best length for rolling papers or whats the standard size for j's
  2. 1 and 1/4 are the ones i see used most.... the orange zig zag boxes if the measurement means nothing hahahaha

    let me fix that, 1 1/4 inch papers lol not 1 and 1/4 separated
  3. Anything but single wide
  4. ^^^hahaha single wide... ive always wondered what a paper they use for those "capri" cigs or whatever they are...the super long thin ones hahahahhaa, i wanna roll a j in one and get one of those epic cig holders HST had.... would be so so pointless

  5. i think thats the width haha be a pretty small j if it was that long :p. theres like king size papers (100mm) ten like 79mm and 70mm argg haha
  6. dude yea, they are 3 inches long..... wtf you talking about man. I mean like if you went and asked for 1 and a quarter papers, you would get what you want....they are measured that way....
  7. I use king size (smoking brand black) for sessions and single wide cut corners (smoking green) if i need a quick one for myself. Keep it simple and buy a pack of king size 1.25s, smoking brand is obviously my preference, and you can tear the joint to ay length you please.
  8. hahaha, when i wanna roll a jay...i just roll one up super fast in the 5 dollar roller i got off GC, if i wanna smoke a super fatty with friends, its a big hand rolled....cause no machine can recreate the dankness of a huge hand rolled joint hehehehehe.... The best are when you gotta use 2 king sized papers for a huge cone

  9. you don't get what i asked. 1 1/4inch is the WIDTH of the paper im look for length i can get the same width of 1 1/4 inch in different LENGThS of papers
  10. lol then read what i just said they are 3 inches, thats your average length, cigarette, is 3 inches to the filter, most papers are too, i said something alone the lines haha sorry im too high

  11. thanks exactly what i needed :D

  12. It's cheating, but...
    when I do smoke joints (which I am now until my new pipe comes in), I roll a semi tight joint in a 1.25 so I'm not using much paper, and double wrap it so it will be tight :)

  13. oh i see, when you said lead me to believe you already got it...seeing as those would be the you had the info...and wanted it again hahahaha, stoners ftw
  14. ahah sirsog sorry im out of it aswell hahah but thanks for your help
  15. hehehhee i think were both too high
  16. ahaha no doubt there. least i got wat i wanted to know buy king size and i can cut it to any size. i couldnt even come up with that my self hahah
  17. they sell these rollers of rolling paper that you can just roll as much as you want and cut....dunno how much they are or what they are called hahahahahahha
  18. ahahahaha now thatd come in handy if you new what they were called :p
  19. ahahahahahah a 12 inch j now that would be awesomee. i need to buy me a roller cause i cnt roll tight for shit mine end up all lose and harsh tasting

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