Rolling joints

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Sluggin000, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. Rolling doobs on a saturday afternoooooooon
    Thought id share this one since its about to be burn and looks pretty nice :) Anyone else smoking up?

  2. That's what I like to see bruh. Tryna convince the girl to go lay down on a blanket outside and spark up in this beautiful new England weather
  3. sounds like a enjoyable and worthy endevor. 
  4. Fuck sounds awesome I've lay down my girl in the mountain side and we watched the stars without all the light pollution so I saw many stars...and two beautiful headlights ;)

    For my birthday buy me a politician

  5. I won't lie that joint looks delicious as f*ck!! I'm at work and I just cant wait till I get home so I can roll a nice doobie aswel!

    "Everything is better when you high"
  6. Just about to roll up a Juicy Jay myself :smoke:
  7. You're an enhancement smoker huh. :laughing: half baked

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  8. nice. i had a bit of trouble rolling a joint about an hour ago because it was huge!! i took a pic before i rolled it
  9. that actually looks really yummy good job
  10. Man I got so many pictures of spliffs on my old phone, too lazy to upload that shit though.

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