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Rolling Joint And Putting It In A Blunt?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SocialSmoker213, Sep 17, 2014.

  1. was wondering if any of u crazy bastards ever done this, just randomly thought of it lol would it burn longer? im considering trying it if nobody has. still am if the people who have say good things about it.
    -roll a joint then put the joint in a wrap and roll it up and smoke it...

  2. WHY??????????????
    I mean wtf is the point? It is just that much more harsh with all the extra paper.
  3. Lol yes ^

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  4. Dont you call Me a crazy bastard
  5. didnt think of that, hey dont judge my stoned thoughts 
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    i kinda rolled an inception blunt on my birthday a few years back (a blunt within a blunt). it was fun i guess haha mainly just to see if i could actually roll it and have it burn nice. it did, and it smoked for like 30 minutes. haven't smoked one reason in particular though. 
  7. Does anyone else grind blunt roaches, paper and all, then roll it up in a new blunt?
  8. i usually shove them in my bubbler, might have to try that one day for the hell of it
  9. It's all good bro. If ya gonna have stoned thoughts, think up something like this:
  10. Ya really just smoking more paper with no other benefit., I smoke blunts to get rid of the paper.

    If I want to mix it up a bit ill smoke the blunt through my bubbler.
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    Cut out the middle man (paper). More paper is only going to make it more harsh and less cannabis per hit.

    Make It burn longer by rolling it tighter. I personally cannot stand tight joints or blunts though. I like fat hitting blunts for some reason, most blunt smokers think I'm weird.
  12. It's nothing special. If anything, double flavored paper the joint.
  13. i wouldent eww
  14. sounds like it would be a little more harsh on the lungs other then that go for it lol tell us what happens
  15. Yea it's cool just roll up a joint put it in the joint then fill up the blunt with the joint and then once that's done fill the blunt of weed then roll the joint and after that roll the weed

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  16. That's like eating an enchilada in a burrito, which I do. Enchilada in a burrito, that is. Not a joint in a blunt.

    I guess one thing to try is roll a joint with some sticky qwiso, and roll that into the blunt. I could see that going very nicely.
  17. I'm sure you could but it just seems like a waste of time
  18. Lol it does seem like a waste of time lol just roll a fatty
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