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Rolling a joint

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by YABLONSKII, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. so heres a quick video of me rolling a joint. tell me what you guys think :smoke:

    [ame=""]YouTube - Rolling a joint[/ame]
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  2. lol that's not a joint, that's a cigarette laced with weed. Amateur at best.
  3. You put a LOT of tobacco in there, not personally my style, I go all greens, but I guess if you enjoyed smoking that it's cool
  4. I'm gonna second this guy. I may be new to weed, but it's not that great.
    God dammit, this reminds me, I need to learn to roll too.
  5. Don't get me wrong, the roll was good, but the ganja to tobacco ratio was unsettling D:
  6. nice rolling but there is not enough green way to much tobacco
  7. The rolling was tight, and you know how to pack 'em. Little too much tobacco for a lot of stoner's tastes, though. Mo' greens, man. We're not Dutchin' these bad boys.

    Edit: Unless you are European, then we've got another story:smoke:
  8. You didn't roll a joint, you rolled a cigaweed lol. Next time if you are going to use tobacco it should be like 80% weed and 20% tobacco or something similar like that
  9. thanks for the feedback guys keep it coming :hello:
  10. It's his bud, let him smoke it how he wants to. How do you know he didn't want a cigarette and a nice bud buzz? Stop bitching about how other people smoke, you don't have to hit it and nobody tells you how to smoke your herb.
  11. plus rep blazedsuperman, i smoke about 10 of these a day to keep a small high buzz going all day long and i also enjoy smoking tobbacco on its own.
  12. I thought this was about his rolling, not about his ratio...
    Pretty good rolling OP, I tend to roll em with a bit more weed and a little fatter than that but I get what you're saying about keeping a buzz all day haha. I'd roll around 3 out of a gram and just run that for the whole day.
    Happy toking my friend :smoke:
  13. I'm from the UK and this is the amount of tobacco I'd usually use

    And I liek to see someone else who puts a layer of tobacco under and over the weed
    Helps it burn more uniformly in my experiance :smoke:

    And nice rolling mate :yummy:
  14. WAY too much tobaco.

    The roll was decent though, could have been a bit faster, but the end product was good.
  15. I use tobacco in my joints... but not THATTT much!

    ha i go for an 80 weed - 20 tobaaco
  16. agreed thats alot of effin TOBACCO kid i rool them jets... fool :smoke:
  17. What's you Ratio of tobacco Leaf / Ver .. Marijuana.. .. oooOoo00oOoooo I love that Word .. ..

    I will say Yes, .. Seam a tad heavy on the tobacco .. .. :eek:

    However, .. in your Defense .. .. I will Sing for you .. .. lol .. .. :rolleyes:

    I have friends that mix it like that, .. .. I use Just Pot .. .. *( I smoke too Much of the other as is ) .. ..

    So, .. .. If thats the way ya like it, .. .. ..

    Good Shit .. ..

    Be Nice People .. .. .. ..

    n, .. .. Don't hesitate ta look at my Journal if ya need Some Awesome Bud Porn .. ..

    B well All, .. n, .. All .. .. lol .. .. :)

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