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Rolling a joint the 'European way'

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by RossG, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. What are you calling skins? Rolling papers? Blunt wraps? (That must be Euro slang) :D
  2. I think he meant more the amount of grass it'd take to fill 3 skins deep man hahaha
  3. If you roll spliffs it's not so much of a problem
  4. Ls are fine. I live in the States but as a European I have to admit that the "euro" way SUCKS. Smoke like a real stoner. No tobaccos and stupid shit. It's not a salad. Don't mix shit. I went last summer back home and I couldn't stand when people would call themselves "weed smokers" after putting tobacco in it.

    Straight up weed. No chemicals and shit. THE REAL DEAL. Just like people do in the States.
  5. mixing weed with tobacco is looked down upon round here......

    why ruin good weed?
  6. OP Has said plenty of times, he's not talking about tobacco. he's talking about rolling L's, or J's with two skins, lengthwise.

    I find that rolling L's is more common in Canada than in the states, Especially in Ontario and BC. Given that we have super cheap dank, we tend to roll more "indulgent" joints than the average american that I've smoked with. That being said, I've only smoked with guys from Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont and New York
  7. I smoked more blunts and fat joints in high school, but now that I don't have to hide my smoking and I'm all on my own I have 2 bongs I basically use all the time and I only roll joints for my lunch break at work.
  8. blue rizla kingsize skins are your friend. Also if gou can get your hands on some headquarters skins get them!

    Although i had to use 3 normal skins as i used my last kingsize a joint after i picked up :(
  9. Blues are disgusting. I cant roll for shit with them. Rizla in general sucks ass. But if you have no other choice, try kingsize slim Gray ones. Super thin and nice... Although i prefer RAW overall.

    Oh and btw i personally mix because weed in the UK is downright expensive!!! Lucky USA >.>

  10. Blues are the way forward! You mean the silver ones? They are the worst ive ever rolled with. Raws arent really one of my top choices as id always go for headquarters or blue rizla before.
  11. lol its 1 dollar for like 30
  12. #33 ResinHits, Jan 5, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 5, 2013
    I used to connect two papers lengthways, but it burns better if you get some kingsize papers and its better because you arent smoking the glue strip where they connect. I would reccomend RAW papers or elements
    RAW Natural King Size Slim

    RAW Natural King Size Supreme
  13. I know what you mean about the 3 skin method, as in gum transfer. We call it setting skins or making a base that's in Aberdeen (Scotland)
  14. They must be doing it wrong...
  15. If i dont have any king size rizla i will join 2 papers together but not lengthways, i just usually make a "king L"
  16. I'm from Scotland and we do the same man. Two skins, joined at the top, and a gun transfer at the bottom, or a third skin.

    I think a tobacco mix is probably the most common here. I haven't met someone who puts only green in a joint, I've found the tobacco helps it smoke a little better. I smoke cigarettes anyway so it's not so bad.

    Green or Blue Rizla, but I've gotten in to RAW papers recently. The highlander skin/roach books are ok, but the skins aren't very good. Gum comes off really easy and the overall quality isn't the best.

    Sometimes two papers are better if you're low, try taking the second one and placing it at about a 35-40 degree angle. Roll it as normal and it'll just curl round nicely.

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