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Rolling a joint the 'European way'

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by RossG, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Whenever I roll a joint or smoke one it's always 2 skins joined together with the gum of a third, usually with a mix of tobbaco and either grass or hash, although some are purely weed. However a large majority of tokers on here are american, and I rarely if ever hear about you making joints that way, so is this just a foreign thing or what?
  2. Uh wut?
    Pics and or vids dude
  3. man 3 skins for a toke. Yall really got taht money
  4. Americans don't like it, but a lot of them are knee deep in good quality weed at cheap prices. An oz can cost me up to £250 (er.. $500?) for really good green, so tobacco is a must if i want it to last.. I could puff through an oz quickly if I was rolling pure weed joints.

    Also, kingsize skins are your friend. No need to be rolling joints that look like a scrap book collection. Or maybe thats just me cuz I can't put skins together very well.

  5. well you can get 250 skins for the equivalant of a dollar fifty.

  6. I meant moreso rolling a joint thats 2 papers long instead of just 1
  7. yeah its a foreign thing, its really unheard of in the U.S.

    in fact if someone here watched you put tobacco in the joint i wouldnt be surprised if they asked you what the fuck you were doing lol
  8. Mm, if you're talking about using multiple skins I dunno.

    If you're talking about the mixing of tobacco and weed, it's actually quite common in most places throughout the world. America is kind of weird in that we don't do it nearly as often, in fact I've never seen anyone myself.

    I understand the reasoning for it but some people aren't fans of tobacco, so.
  9. I am aware of that, but i mean rolling a joint 2 skins long instead of 1 like most americans do, if not all. I am aware of the tobacco hate in america haah
  10. fuck rolling in general.. glass is essential for conservation...
    why take 5-6 unnecessary hits, when i can load less and get one mindblowing hit.. around others i can understand but in order to conserve you must consume less getting just as high as you would have is the trick tho..

    stating the obvious

  11. Idc if its wasteful, or not the "best way to conserve"

    It's so satisfying rolling ur own and then smoking it.

    I roll almost everyday, everyweekend most defiintely. Glass bong/bowl gets its use when i want a couple hits or rips.

    I'd hate to be one of those dudes that put pinches of bud in glass and takes snaps all day. Pack a fat bowl and hit that motherfucker with all your might.
  12. Nothin beats a good J. I'm just hoping someone knows wtf i'm talking about here D:
  13. If I'm going to use multiple rizlas I'll just L or F plate it.
  14. I personally just prefer spliffs. Love sitting down with some music, grinding my weed, rolling a spliff and sitting back while smoking.

    The odd time I break out the glass I've usually ran out of tobacco or skins and the shops are closed. :)
  15. Go to amsterdamn if you want to roll good joints
  16. I'm american and never roll them with tobacco. I normally roll at least a gram into them and I use just one zig zag 1 1/4(orange pack). I smoke bongs though most the time, either a gravity or a small fake roor with a added 3 tree perc.
  17. I get that Americans don't roll with Tobacco! That's not what i'm saying. What i'm asking is, does anyone else roll a joint by connecting 2 papers together lengthways?
  18. nope I can get about 2 grams into a single 1 1/4, maybe more if I make a cone and pack it rather than roll.
  19. Havnt seen too many joints rolled with multiple skins but a few I have.. and I've known one or two people to mix a little baccy into the blunts or joints (really, joints a few times, only a blunt once)
    Its not a big thing to do though, most people just roll up there green or pack it into pipes, bowls, bongs ect. Bowls and pipes help you conserve so much buddha though..
  20. [ame=]How to roll a joint in an Irish accent.wmv - YouTube[/ame] is the only sorta example i can find of the way of rolling I'm talking about

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