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Rolling a J

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mgeezy14, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. I followed the sticky about rolling joints and have rolled about 3 joints but every single time they are completely messed up. They look fine but when I try to light it, it only hits when I am holding the flame to the joint, and even then it burns the weed way too quickly. When I light the joint and after lighting it then try to smoke it, it doesn't burn, and when I do hold the flame to it and actually get a hit if I try to hit it again it doesn't burn. Maybe it's the rolling papers, my bro's friend gave me Bambu papers.

    I need help because I have papers and if there is a simple fix I won't have to buy a bowl. *I'll probably end up buying a bowl either way soon (within a week or two because this is pissing me off) but I would like to get rolling J's down first.
  2. practice makes perfect, im still bad myself.
  3. I think that maybe I'm doing something fundamentlally wrong though.
  4. Learn how to roll joints. When you get good at it, people look up to you and it makes you feel good about yourself.

    Maybe you're not rolling it tight enough. Not too tight, you dont want to bust a lung just trying to inhale

  5. I think you're just better off getting a bowl, it's easier to just use one piece consistently rather than keep rolling joints.
    Also, I feel you on wanting to learn how to roll better. Try rolling with something other than weed, like tobacco or oregano. That way, if you mess it up, you won't be wasting herb in the process and the alternatives are probably much cheaper haha
  6. Try the link in my signature.

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