Rolling a doob using a cig?

Discussion in 'General' started by senta420, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Can you make a joint by putting weed in a cig after gutting the tobacco then breaking off the filter?
  2. Try it and you let me know if you can :p cuz idk, can you do it is the question.
  3. yeah but it'll burn quick as hell, just get some blunts or papers.
  4. yea, but it'll burn pretty quick.

    ever smoked a cig? shit dont last more than 2 minutes, 4 at the very most if you barely puff.
  5. ^^ yah hes right it will burn a little quicker so your not going to want to hold onto it for to long

    its easy to do though all you gatta do is pinch and roll the filter around and then you should be able to pinch it with ur nails and pull it out nicely and insert your own filter so shit doesn't fly in your mouth
  6. just go to a gas station and buy a wrap man...or an apple...
  7. or a pear. possibly a cantaloupe.

    keep it trilla.
  8. make a one hitter from a grape?

    a bong from a watermelon....
  9. where there is a will there is a way

    sky is the limit OP

  10. no its illegal.
  11. I used to do that when I run out of papers, it doesn't hold much and it burns quick like the others said. But if it's the only thing you got then it works, use some hard paper as a tip.
  12. Foe weed is illegal? fuck!
  13. People do this in asia with hash

    Take out the tobacco from a cig, mix some of the tobacco with small ball of hash, and refill the cig and smoke

    When i was there I couldn't find ANY rolling papers, cigarillo's, etc, only high quality cigars which I didnt want to slice up and cheap crappy cigs

    I ended up copying them as there was no other option, it burns fast and I wouldn't recommend it, go get some papers or a pipe

  14. i want to make a watermelon bong so bad.
  15. ive done this to sneak weed on a plane

    i slowly tease the tobacco out and pack finely ground shake into the tubes with a straw
  16. Guiiiiseee. I broke up honestly like 1 gram and put it in there. I packed the shit outta it and used a straw to pack it even more. It burnt as slow as a joint and got me zooted. Now I'm drinking and iv smoked a few bowls. So the answer is yes! Good night all. Happy toking!

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