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Rollin dutch..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by boredjim8, May 1, 2006.

  1. Okay so i think i got it all down now .. someone post more info .. (kinda need help on one part..)

    Okay start off by lickin the leaft like crazy.. now unroll from the TIP where u inhale from (i made mistake by undoing it by where the cherry would be.. it DOES make it 100x better no lie) .. unravle from the tip if u look at it for a few mins u will see the patter and get the perfect rip.. there are many places to start from at the tip make sure u got the right one.. after u unravel it put it on a book and moisten ur fingers and spread it on the blunt to make sure it doesnt dry while rollin second half..

    now i never did this i always tore it b4 the 'cancer paper' .. but someone showd me u can take off the cancer paper which increaces blunt size by about an inch =D..

    now when i put the nug in the brown blunt poart ready to roll it.. it sometimes gets fradigle.. but when i lick it it tends to tear apart.. ..any advice on how to do this do i dampen it very ligthly? just do it as fast as i can before it drys out?

    after that pick the end u wanna ligh the blunt twist it and begin puttin on your leaf .. put the furthes town corner on the tip > and begin twirlin down .. if it goes beyond the blunt rip it off and start from bottem up again..

    put a filter in .. i like to use the lil cardboard strip from cig boxes in the top .. if u open the box and the lid its on the inside lil flap .. perfect roach..

    ..thats perfect blunt now haha
  2. take the outer leaf off like you said

    then take the cancer paper off and split it down the line already on the blunt, then rip off the little glue strip on the edge, fill it with weed, then just like lick the edge of the blunt but dont roll it like a joint and close it with your finger/tongue just so its closed. then roll the outer leaf, dont use a filter or a roach. what i do is shape the mouthpeice when you start rolling it in the outer leaf then just roll it up and rip the extra paper off.

    thats the perfect blunt
  3. Cheachea's got it down. Jim... you even managed to confuse me...
  4. Just breathe on the inner leaf, it softens it just right and makes for the perfect blunt.
  5. fuck man, all i have right now is blunt papers but I'm craving a dutch like a mofo. Do you live in a town like mine where everyone rolls dutches pretty much?
  6. Well, I'm from NY so yeah, pretty much all we smoke is dutches. I smoked one of those blunt wraps once, the suck. Burn real quick and taste awful. Damn, I'm fiending for a dutch too, think I'm gonna roll a blunt with this honey dutch right here.
  7. That's how it goes down in NJ, too.
  8. I personally love Vanilla Dutches. I crack them, tear the bottom off cause I figure, if I need to smoke more, Ill just roll another. And I don't Use the outer leafs, just the inner piece. If needed Ill patch a small hole with the outer leaf, but I almost never have to. The outer leaf makes it alot harsher, some people don't care but I smoke all headies and can roll fine with just the inner leaf so Id rather spare my lungs.
  9. i only smoke dutch's, and its all about the outer leaf man thats how it got to be if you be reapin NYC

  10. DUDE ur wastin the dutch then.. use a philly if ur not gonna use the leaf . .thats just dumb heh .. sry but .. like .. the leafe makes it sooo slow .. and if ur not gonna use it might as well get the philly or owls ;p
  11. where i live we use mostly white owls and dutch masters occasionally but the thing is about rolling blunts is every one has there own style and has to find out how they do it best. I like to lick one part of the outerleaf horizontally and bust it at that point. I lick the inside as well but you have to be gentle and i start putting in the weed and i roll it into a nice cylindrical shape. I lick the part that over laps the other leaf so it seals nice. It's kinda moist when im done but i just flame it real nice and it comes out pretty tight.
  12. Dutches are the best!
  13. damn i rolled a completly shitty one today :(
  14. aww I fuckin hate when that happens.
  15. yeah the outer leaf is where it's at.
  16. the outer leaf is the most important part, my inne leafs look like shit( not really but I just loosely close them with my fingers after i lick the edge a little) but after i put the outer leaf on its perfect. make sure you lick the outer leaf but not to much and pin it with something, also make sure your rolling nice and tight but not to tight. and after each time you roll a little bit in the outer leaf slide your fingers from right to left shaping the blunt nicely and making sure its tucked down so it doesnt come out with extra leaf sticking out and making it flop at that spot.
  17. yeah Dutchies rock !

    but there are different kinds of Dutchies and some are better than others. My fav. are the regular Palmas cuz they're so easy to roll. The honey ones are a little more difficult but end up looking GREEN which is always sweet. Chocolate ones are hard to roll and don't taste good. Umm I usually get Palmas so that's it for my review.
  18. Shit on a Dutchmasters I just razorblade that shit; Right down the middle (horizontally), then cut off that tip.

    Roll her up acorrdingly, smokes no better then when you sit and unravel it... :smoke:

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