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Rolled my first joint

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Amped, May 28, 2010.

  1. I rolled my first joint yesterday... it sucked and took me like 30 minutes especially since my zigzags were tiny for my hands lmao. It was actually so harsh and bad to smoke that i dont even want to smoke a joint anymore ;D

    I need to get somebody to teach me god damn :) LMAO
  2. Use less paper, more weed. And mix with tobacco. Itll make the joint burn nicely like a cigarette. And wont be as harsh. Unless you dont smoke cigarettes.
  3. Yeah i dont smoke cigarettes. I had a good amount of weed in a zig zag cut corners extra thin. The main problem was the tiny paper compared to my big hands, and the fact my hands were sticking to the paper like crazy because i touched the weed.

    Basically couldn't do that tuck properly and it was very very loose, and was so harsh i coughed a lung out. I have like never coughed from a joint in a while, taking huge hits and holding it in, but a tiny hit from this joint made me like gag LOL
  4. Takes practice. Practice rolling more. if you dont get it right, then just undo it until you get it. But atleast you got high from the joint and it worked.
  5. Some people find it easier to use 1.5's or 2's-if you want a fatter joint and wanna remedy the problem of big hands and small paper. Sometimes people get that tuck just right by rolling the paper around the right sized object, in some cases a pencil, before putting any weed in there, to give it 'memory' and make it wanna tuck.
  6. OK here's how I learned it.

    1. Take a small piece of hash and heat it with a lighter.
    Take a cigarette as well and toast it with the lighter then open it.
    Crumble the hash and the tobaccoo on a postcard or some piece of cardboard (pizza, cereals etc) you'll get the right ratio after a while.
    Then make a filter from the package of the papers- typically a strip 3 to 4 cm long and less than 1cm wide just roll it up like a spiral.

    2. Now here's how to make the paper for a joint. You need 3 leaves. the first two are glued side by side, and the third on top of the two. Take ordinary cigarette paper, the long thin papers are notoriously difficult to roll.

    3. Then fold the glued paper in the middle (you wanted to do that with the cardboard as well), first put in the filter, and then the smokeables mixture. More at the top, and less at the filter end!

    You need to moisten the glue now. Depends if you are rightie or leftie handed, rolling it together only works well from one side! If you actually have difficulties try the other way round.

    You nearly got it. Now take a ballpen or the like, and push in the mixture a little at the top. Then twist it together a little as well.

    There are different methods to light it, one is to burn off the twisted top, then carefully remove the ash, then carefully light it up and to start smoking. My friend also told me, to hold it upwards and not to smoke too fast, and be very careful when removing ash as well.

    So that's it how I was told to do it (in 1995) and I am still doing it that way more or less. My friend also told me it is important always to have something to drink around so take precaution.

    It also works with weed of course. I try 100% pure weed sometimes but typically also mix it with tobaccoo it just burns better. Btw. Rolling tobaccoo or cigarette tobaccoo does not matter.
  7. If you have a friend that rolls usually, look at how he is doing it and you will learn. That is basically how I learnt it, I am not that great, but I've rolled about 5 times and it takes me about a minute or 3 to roll an okay one. Rolling really isn't that hard and doesn't take much skill
  8. #8 Cataklysm, May 28, 2010
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    this is probably the only time in my life i will ever say i feel lucky to come from the UK for this reason only
    all everyone does here is roll up cones.
    i can roll creaseless perfect conical fat joints all day long with my eyes closed...

    was cruisin down the motorway yesterday , built a joint while driving... easy as fuck

    EDIT : also your joints all probably taste vile because you cone the roach ( filter you call it )
    the roach should be ONE layer of card , not , two , not 6 , One

    dunno how to demonstrate.... like ---> O instead of like ((((O))))
    if you roll a spiral no smoke will get through compared to what would , and the resin buildup you will get on that roach will make you want to chuck up
  9. I always try to have extra when I'm rolling, simply because the joint turns out better.

    Level the weed throughtout the paper to avoid mishapen or 'pregnant' joints, and it smokes better.

    Use a filter (that's what we call 'em here): tear out a strip of notecard or business card (make it even on the sides and ends) and roll it up to place at the beginning of the joint; I find filters are very nice because they keep the bud in, making it a bit easier to roll imo.

    There's a bunch of stuff I could say but it's all in the technique of the crease. I recommend practicing with dirt weed that's finely ground, but practicing is the only thing that will make you better! Everyone has their own way of doing it too.
  10. If the joint was that harsh, that means you rolled it too loose. Next time you get weed, just keep practicing. If you mess up, dump the weed, get a new paper, start again until you get it right. Try getting it tight as possible without making it too tight, and your hits should be smoother.
  11. even if you dont smoke cigarretes go to the nearest store with cigs and buy a thing of roll your owns (buglars, tops , etc.). just roll some cigarettes up and its easy to learn on those. bud is a lil different rolling with but its the same concept. just practice with a few cigs and then you can roll a joint like a champ.
  12. I don't smoke joints often, but when I do I normally resort to the dollar bill method of rolling, gets them nice and tight.

    Might want to sanitize the dollar somehow beforehand though, they're dirty as hell.
  13. This is a how to roll a jay video I made the other day, maybe it will help a little. Let me know if it does.

    [ame=""]YouTube- HOW I ROLL A JAY![/ame]

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