Rolled my first joint

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by afgooitouch, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. Hey guys I haven't got mids yet but I used my dank to roll one pinner joints using around .1 grams... I've always had people roll for me but it's kind of a fun relaxing experience rolling joints on my desk kicking back and watching some tv .. I think I'm gonna take a altoids box and paint it black and put a pot leaf on the front and put like 20 joints in there from the rest of my 1/8th small ones... I love joints now :)
  2. .1?! pics?
  3. I just hand rolled it ... It's really fragile though will it get stronger when it drys?I don't have a camera :(
  4. sounds like youre inhaling more paper than bud. .1 theres no way.
    youd be better off taking rips out of a piece smoking that little bit.

    no offense, but somebody pulled out a pinner .1 g joint, i would LOL in their face
  5. fragile cause there's barely any in there :p since you have an eighth, turn that into seven/eight half gram fatties instead of little toothpicks that will just taste like paper :smoke:
  6. It's proboably fragile because it's only fucking got .1 in it.
  7. I will make half gram joints when I get my half o of mids soon
  8. Just rolled 7 joints out of an old nickel sack and a pinch from my eigth they seen really frail though because the paper isn't tightly wrapped around te bud
  9. I don't have a scale, but i have weed, papers, and amazing rolling skills. If some one would post a pic of what a finely ground up .1 looks like with something else in the picture like a lighter for perspective, I'd happily show you a bad ass pinner.
  10. Lol "I don't have mids, so I guess dank will have to do for now" that's what I thought when I read the first few sentences.
  11. i dropped .1 when i was rolling my last joint..hmm
  12. Yeah, a friend of mine's mom would roll the tiniest pinners, probably .1g.

    They were about 4 hit joints. She used a rolling machine. Pretty conservative IMO.
  13. .1 is stupid, whats a paper weigh like .3? thats gross man. just stick .1 in a bong and clear it and youll be much happier, and wont have "that taste like shit" face on
  14. i need to see a picture of this, please do so
  15. We demand pictures! :)
  16. A .1? Seriously? Your either super cheap or just don't know too much about eye balling. I don't see how it's possible to expand a .1 to be able to fit on a 4 inch length paper. Preposterous I say!
  17. They are thick and short I'll try and get a pic if I can

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