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Rohto V Eyedrops question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by skillzthatkillz, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. so recently i was caught smoking and my parents said that they can tell when im high because i just look different. (not red eyes because i use visine and my eyes were white). Somebody said that rohto V eyedrops arctic with the silver cap get rid of all traces of being high INCLUDING your eyes being droopy which is not fixed with normal visine or clear eyes. is this true?
  2. I myself use Rohto V (cool) the green cap.

    It does the job really well, it clears all redness and after 10 mins or so my eyes don't look droppy or squinted.
  3. really? im probably gonna get some then
  4. Rhotos work amazingly. However, they burn so fucking good. You might not enjoy the burning though, its like menthol in your eyes. The sensation is fantastic when you are baked.
  5. No fucking product sold in a drug store will change your physical appearence, to believe that you must be an idiot. YOU and only YOU can control yourself when you are high. The only way to naturally not look high when you are, is to smoke until you look the same all the time, or act alive after you smoke, stay hydrated and fed. Dont just sit around and dont get so high that you are confused on what your last thought was, if you are around authority/gaurdians.
  6. Green rohto burns, but it burns the least. Following the green cap, is blue which burns stronger. Then is the silver which burns way too much for most humans. Using them multiple times in a day or over the course of a few days can permanently fuck up your eyes.
    Rohto is just like menthol and bleach. Using ANY eye drop more then on the rare occasion is unhealthy.

  7. That hair dye my GF bought in the drug store last month sure changed her physical appearance. Unless it was some other coincidental reason her hair changed color from brown to PINK.
  8. Hair color is a placebo treatment. Your hair really didn't change colors..

  9. touche.
  10. Again, thats just color. Michael jackson(supposedly) bleached his skin, but then he also molested children..that didnt help his appearence.

    ANYWAY if you will read the OP then it says the ones he already has make them white, but the droopy eyes it does not fix. My point proven.

  11. im not sure about permanent damage but they do create something called rebound vasodilation which causes the blood veins to get bigger and makes ur red eye, dry, symptoms re appear. id limit use to once a day at most...
  12. Im talking in the long run. There may be a point in life, if rohto is used routinly, where it may be painful to blink because your eyes become so dry.
    Those 'anti-red' drops can hurt you in the long run. If you must, use an eye lubricating drop, but those are not to be abused either.

    Most prodyct packeges say they are for occasional use only, so dont abuse them!!!
  13. what are you talking about? of course something in a drug store can change your physical appearance. your eyes turn white by putting eye drops in them which is a physical/visible change. im just asking if rhoto eyedrops go beyond that and get rid of the droopy/glassy eyed look you get when ur high
  14. No. As i already stated, no product is going to change that, maybe very few of those eye skin tightening lotions might work, but i have never tried.
    I heard freezing a few spoons and putting then on your close eyes will tighten the skin up, underneath where the bags are. Well if all you need is white eyes, why are you posting here? You want to know what will relieve the 'droopy eyes' while high. Droopy eyes from smoking weed? Theres a Visine for that. Oh wait...maybe not
  15. I use Rohto blues when I don't smoke. I want to find arctic, I love the burn. My eyes don't get red when I smoke, so I don't need them prior to, during, or after smoking. I use Rohto's because they actually make my eyes feel good and refreshed, lubricated, and looking at my white as snow eyes in the mirror is always fun. I mainly use them in my stats class when I get eye strain from the computer. Plus, the mentholy burn is a big plus.
  16. You mentioned eye tightening lotion, but regular lotion reduces the bags under your eyes, but not the lowness of them.

    Besides, it's not that hard to open your eyes if you have to talk to authorities or rents.
  17. i just recently started using them and they never seem to let me down however they burn like fuck, i use the silver cap rohto v arctic. it's like squirting citric acid in your eyes. but like i said they help clear up the red greyish eyes. just got done burning the hell out of one eye so excuse me while i burn the hell out of my second eye. lol
  18. Green stick with the green

    I was stuck in a mcdonalds drive through for ten minutes screaming after using the silver top.

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