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  1. i care alot!
    Leaden Out.

  2. im confused, but welcome.
  3. uh..Welcome...
  4. thank you both.

  5. Lol :confused: , Welcome to G.C
  6. Thanks.
    Here are my system specs:
    Let me know of any ideas?
    I. Lights
    a. Seedling to Veg
    b.Veg to Flowering
    1.600wattH.P.S. a large corner of basement/full reflective mylar sheets top/sides, i basically have a frame, seperating a large square room into three rectangles, one for open area to work, one for sea of green to begin this summer with superstrains, one for Final.
    c. Temperatures
    1. during full on light from HPS, at base of plants, gets UP to 90degreesF, at tops, up to 92f. BUT, mostly with the fan on continously, it really never creeps above 85F at any point in the cycle.
    2. nighttime temperature: a cool and breezy 68-75f!
    II. Medium
    1. Ceramic Balls in black baskets, which seal to 12 holes in a pvc sheet, attached to a 20gall. resivoir, which is plumbed to a 40gallon resivoir underneath. Also running several aereators!
    III. Plan
    Grow Hydroponic Sensi out of five strains i brought in: Supergirl*feminized/WhiteRhino/Skunkspecial/haze*nl/Chrystal
    make it count

    What, if this were your setup, you own your home, no light coming in/out/ odor taken care of/heat dissapated/electricity managed
    would you do with it?

    I have collected many free seeds and have learned a tremendous amount just working with these doing them with soil, as I am getting nutes from a guy when im done with this practice run, and didnt want to slam it all together willy-nilly with my expensive seeds.


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