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  1. i was having a conversation with a friend yesterday and he was saying that rockwool is the same product as fibreglass this an accurate statement? can u use fibreglass insulation as a substitute for rockwool? thanks in advance
  2. No it is not the same...yet it is similar.
    Rockwool is a spun glass product,,It is more dense,and fibers are not as rigid as standard fiberglass insulation,and contains more gaps in the strands which allows "wicking" as well as holds water,,,rockwool is also sterile.

    Fiberglass insulation is mainly woven glass fiber,rigid,less dense,and very few gaps in the strands,it is also treated with arsenic as well as other chemicals to deter insects, and rodents,as well as prevent mold if it gets damp....I do not suggest using it..

    Rockwool when bought in slab form is inexpensive,blocks can then be cut to fit your needs....

  3. thanks for the words i was in serious doubt about the viability of insulation...
  4. No problem,,,glad to help.......


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