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    Janet Reno Makes 'Dance Party' Reality
    Campaign Trail Leads Reno To Level
    Carla Field, Managing Editor

    Posted: 2:55 p.m. EDT July 8, 2002

    MIAMI -- What was once a comedy routine will now be a real part of Janet Reno's run for governor. The former attorney general will hold a "Janet Reno Dance Party" at Level nightclub on Miami's South Beach.
    "Saturday Night Live" regularly featured a skit with Will Farrell portraying Reno at a dance party. Before she left Washington, Reno made a surprise appearance on "SNL" as herself, "crashed" the dance party, and danced with Ferrell, who was dressed in drag, portraying Reno.

    The dance party at Level is expected to draw some big names, including Damon and Marlon Wayans and singer Ziggy Marley, according to club owner Gerry Kelly, who said Denzel Washington, and several other well-known actors are also expected to attend.

    The dance party, which is a fund-raiser for Reno's campaign, will be held at Level on July 19. Tickets for the event cost $25, and all proceeds will go to the campaign.

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