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  1. A few of my friends lately have been smoking Robotussin (with DXM) Blunts.

    The theory behind a roboblunt is to dip the blunt wrap into the syrup and then let it dry. Once you roll the blunt and smoke it you get really fucked up.

    I do not question the ability of a roboblunt to get you fucked up, as I have seen the tremendous effects that it has had on my friends, but rather the safety of this method.

    So my question is, are these 'roboblunts' safe? I have yet to try it, and refuse to until I am equipped with a sense of safety of doing so. I like to value my safety over an opportunity to get fucked up ;)
  2. probably not safe. Just enjoy the weed dude.
  3. The thing is, assuming that the effects of DXM when burned and inhaled aren't markedly more intense than those when it is ingested, then you're probably only getting a teaspoon or so on the blunt, far less than the suggested trip dose, and the suggested dose for threshhold effects.

    I don't know, maybe it's codein syrup because I've heard of doing that before, but I don't see it working with dex.

    who knows if it's safe, probably not good for you anyway and walking to the store can kill you so eff it.
  4. I just read on erowid that you can't freebase the extract.

    If you can't freebase the extract then I doubt smoking the dried syrup will do anything other than placebo. Even if it did do something, in order to feel any effects of DXM you usually have to take upwards of 200mg, considering in the syrup a whole 12 oz bottle has about 750mg (I think) the little amount of syrup that dries onto the blunt wouldn't even be a dose to help your cough.

    No, they must have just felt a placebo high.

    Also you should tell your friends it's bad for their lungs. There is sugar in the syrup, and smoking sugar is definately horrible for the lungs.

    If you ever have other questions I would suggest searching around Pretty much anything you could want answered can be found there. Peace out. :smoking:
  5. haha lmao thats great.
  6. haha, i though this thread was gonna be about how hard it is to roll a blunt while on dex, lol.....i should have known.
  7. DXM is not smokable DO NOT smoke it .

  8. Well the people I know who have done it deffinitely have nobody to impress, and they are visibly fucked up for the rest of the night after smoking one of these blunts, and partially the next day as well. I am positive there is no placebo high here..
  9. Regardless, the syrup still has a lot of sugar and smoking sugar is detrimental to your lungs.

    My advice to you and your friends is pop 20 or so gelcaps of robitussin and then smoke a fat blunt. It'll blow you away way better than dipping it ever could. :smoking:

  10. That is the same thing I told them! I can't imagine smoking robotussin.. Probably a good thing.

    Thankyou for reassuring me :smoking:

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