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  1. so im going to the store later on today to get sum robotussin(sp?) and so i was wondering what to look for brand wise. that has the most DXM and the least of the other shitty stuff thats gonna make me throw up???
  2. [​IMG] <<<This. Go get it at CVS. DXM is the only active ingredient in this cough syrup and there is 15 mg/5 mL. I did 4 fluid oz of this my first time, and smoked some bud 30 min later.

    Important: Don't get the normal robitussin because there are other active ingredients in the normal one. You have to get the max strength tussin cough syrup.
  3. thanks! theres a cvs right down the street! aha! is 4 fluid ounces like half the bottle or what?
  4. zicam max is deffinitly the best imo
  5. Well there are different size bottles. You can get a 4 fluid oz, 8 fluid oz, etc. If you're doing it by yourself (which I do not recommend), get a 4 fluid oz bottle. If you're doing it with 1 other friend, get the 8 oz, pour it as evenly as you can into two cups, pinch your nose and chug it. Once you start drinking it, don't stop, just finish it all at once.

    Answering your question: if you get the 8 fluid oz then yes, half the bottle is 4 fluid oz.
  6. why do you not recommend doing it alone?
  7. get the DM cough gells. theyr little red gel capsules and have 20 in a bottle. theyr like 15mg DXM each and no other ingredients. shitss gravvyyyy
  8. I don't recommend doing it alone only if this is going to be your first time doing it. If you are an experienced DXM user, then you should feel comfortable enough to consume the drug by yourself.

    I say this because you are more vulnerable to bad trips if you are alone. It's so much easier if you have a friend that can remind you that you're on a drug, that the effects will end, etc. This may all seem silly to you now, but once you're on the drug you may need such reminders. I know I did.
  9. thanks for your input everyone!
  10. No problem, glad to help. Be sure to post a trip report and tell us how it goes! Have fun

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