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  1. why are there so many threads about robberies, muggings and such just going around all of a sudden?

    that is all.
  2. It's a long month and the welfare checks dont come in until the first.
    That is all..
  3. the economy. nobody has money :mad:
  4. Cause people haven't been bitching about it until now.
  5. robber season then..
  6. Just like hunting season...(kinda)
    But when you knock something unconcious you get money.
  7. I was wondering the same thing, I was gonna make a thread asking this earlier but then I decided to smoke instead:smoking:
  8. thats why i made the thread, because i knew you were going to smoke and it needed to be done.
  9. Because someone set up a bear trap for that damn fox.
  10. I was robbed for for $64,000,000 on Tuesday.

    I didn't win the May 25 Mega Millions lottery.

  11. Ahhh I see.....well thank you for that kind sir
  12. no worries im just psychic
  13. i was just thinking the same thing haha :cool:
  14. lol.

    shit happens i guess Op....
  15. Some of them are fake, but for the rest of the posters, shit got real. But yea its mutkin season.
  16. alot of people gotta wise up when it comes to street smarts/being aware of their surroundings
  17. I think Imma go rob someone.
  18. let's hope you're kidding. If not then I hope you get shot. :hello:
  19. I'll shoot first.

  20. i hope you enjoy taking it in the @@@ then.

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