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  1. This is my first story that I've posted on the boards, and it is about how my day went from amazing to shit all over one event. So the day starts off and its my last final before im out. I get that out of the way and then go skin a zoot at my place and head off to find some food with my friend, we smoke that on the way there and I end up finding a place that had chicken ceaser salads and we had those. Might I add that the weather was beautiful, not a cloud in the sky and probobally around 80degrees. After lunch I call a mate up and he tells me that they're all going in on this Bar (9oz's) for £1000, and this is really very nice stuff, we heard straight from a-dam. So I get some cash together and I have 85£ and a friend throws enough to get it to 130£, so were getting a O and a bit (8th or 2) of some dank ass stuff. We give the money to my other friend and he heads off to go pick it all up with another guy. Well, they get down there and the guy comes up, but the thing is that this wasnt the guy that they had talked too. The one kid (my friends friend) says "so you got our bar?" and the guy says "where the money". So the kid pulls out the money to show him, and the guy all of a sudden rushes him into the wall and pulls a knife. He's holding it on the kids stomach saying all this shit about how my friend was messing around with his friends, just a bunch of bullshit. He then tells the kid to give him the money, but the kid says no, so he moves it up to his throat and the kid gives him the cash.... 85£ of which was mine.... needless to say I got fucked today, but im glad that no one got hurt.

    What I learned: when you go in on big deals.... bring backup.
    Keep it safe out there and keep on :smoking: 'n
  2. were you there? and if you were, why didnt you swing on him and take his ass out? 3 guys would always be able to kick one guys ass, knife or not. sucks you got fucked out of your money though.
  3. Because some money isn't worth the potential of someone getting knifed. I think they did the smart thing. Take their losses, and move on... violence would have only ended up making things worse.
  4. My kinda thinkings. Violence won't help shit. It would escelate...and something bad would really happen...either to you [you get fucked and migh die] or him [you might go to jail]

    I am really sorry to hear what happened though man. People can be such dicks.
  5. [quote name='Maryjoowanna']My kinda thinkings. Violence won't help shit. It would escelate...and something bad would really happen...either to you [you get fucked and migh die] or him [you might go to jail]

    This was exactly what my friend was thinking, he didnt want to loose all that cash, but he didnt want to loose his liver or his life over it. I personally wasn't there, but if i had been I would of done the exact same thing, it aint worth getting stabbed over money.
  6. Most people who pull weapons use it to scare people. Sucks the kid gave up your cash.
  7. I was just thinking about this a few days ago :D
  8. That really sucks, same thing happened to my boy he was making a hq chop and 2 nukkas rushed him with knives. Low very fuckin low :(
  9. that is some bullshit. sorry to hear about that.

    if i'm buying anything more than an oz i usually carry a knife on me.

    i would never rob someone, but if someone is going to try to rob me i will fuck them up.

    wish i could get buds straight from the a-dam.
  10. that shit sucks, i've had that happen to me a couple times, it sucks. fuck people who do that they can sit and spin on my desert eagle. rep+ for realizing what really mattered in that shit.:smoking:
  11. something EXACTLY liek this happened to me, but i just ended up pullin out my 45 , making the kids w/ knives undress

    then i pistol whipped them into tomarro

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