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  1. Well uh yeah. Today after buying a dime my friend and I went to meet some people in the woods. This kid who is actually growing a big rep for stealing peoples bud comes over and asked my friend, who was holding my bud, if we had any. He said "a little". And the kid starting taking shit out of his pockets and looking for it, all while threatening to beat the shit out of my friend. He had about 5 others with him, and our friends really couldnt do anything. I didnt want my friend to get hurt, so I told him to hand it over.
    Its pretty shitty to bring around a posse and bully people. Total misuse of the plant. On the upside, I got smoked up for 10 dollars more than i lost. =P
  2. Well, get a license for a gun, then if they try to rob you, you're legally allowed to shoot them below the waste. You can take his knuckle babies from him.
  3. Sounds like you should either

    (a) Avoid the kid

    (b) Stand up to the kid
  4. i would carry a gun or some sort of weapon like a small bat or something. if he tries anything fuck him up good and for the next couple weeks while he is eating thorugh a tube maybe he'll decide that he probably shouldnt be stealing other peoples shit
  5. I really dont believe in fighting with any kind of weapon, because I feel that its cowardly. However, if I ever get the chance to take him on in a fair, one on one fight, I'd take it. But yeah, fighting in groups or with weapons really isnt my thing.
    Also, if anyone else has a story like this, feel free to post. discussion is good :p
  6. Ok, so they are telling you to hand over your weed or they will jump you, and you're saying that you wont do anything to defend yourself just take the beating?

    Sorry, if someone was trying to jump me for my weed I wouldn't mind showing them a piece to show them what's up.
  7. wow
    who robs someone of 10 dollars
  8. seriously. and why'd your friend tell him you had bud if the guy has a reputation for stealing it?
  9. no you wouldnt.:rolleyes:
  10. Just beat the shit out of him. Contrary to popular belief violence does solve some things...
  11. You guys are the reason he is "Building his rep"........... 2 or more of your friends and only 1 one of him and no blood was shed? I suggest you and your friends "man up" and quit crying, hell he give the bud to him, it's not like he beat him down and took it. You should be too ashamed to even tell anyone what happened. I stopped letting people push me around like that when I was in in grade school, since then if anybody takes ANYTHING from me, they will have to kick my a$$, and take it from me.

    Either be prepared to handle business or be prepared for business to handle you. I am not trying to bash anyone...... only trying to put things to you from an "old school" perspective.

  12. Apparently the words "he had 5 others with him" was lost on you. 10 bucks worth isnt worth getting into a fucking fight for. While I do respect standing up for yourself, you should always consider the pros and cons. Get jumped by 5 other dudes.....Or leave without a scratch. Im sure you would take the latter. Also, as for my friend saying we had bud, his mistake. But that really doesnt matter.
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    You would lose that bet my friend. They would have it to do..... I can take an a$$ wipping as good as I can give. I have taken a good few over the years as well as given a couple.

    If you guys are cool with it, peace be with you but it is a mean old world out there. He will probably be back again, since he knows you guys are afraid of him. Maybe you and your friends should just do like Forrest Gump next time.

  14. karma will fuck this kid in the butt :p

    Don't stress out, bro. No one is invulnerable to karma.
  15. translation: "im so scared of hurting someone else i'd rather get my ass kicked and shit stolen than exercise my personal right to defend myself and my property."

    you'll always be someone's bitch until you grow a pair. up to you.
  16. I'm not sure I fully understand what happened here.

    You walked into the woods to meet up with people notorious for stealing bud, then one comes over and starts reaching into your friends pockets? Then you just stand there and hand over your bud because he threatened youse?

    This doesn't make any sense.
  17. haha i actualy was in the same situation. me and my bud thought our secret spot was epic till shit like this started to happen. some asshole stole our bud like 2 or 3 times, but we liked the spot so we kept going back. so since its in the woods and i live in PA which is a big hunter state, i brought my shotgun with me the one day, now i had like 2 buckshots in my pocket and io was hoping for this kid and his "gang" to walk by. and eventually they did. i had the shotgun proped up next to a rock on my right side. and this kid and his gang walk up, acting tuff and tells us to hand over the bud. and i just leaned over and gently put the shotgun on my lap.... and smiled

    HAHA the look on his face was Priceless. he and he pussy friends backed up and said they didn't want trouble.

    lol that was the last i ever saw of him
  18. Man swing on that dude..if hes gonna rob you anyway might as well might him work for that fucking ten dollars...only way I'm getting took for whats mine is if I wake up for being knocked the fuck out and my shits gone. It's about more than ten dollars it's your manhood man don't let that guy play like a bitch. The moment he stuck his hands in my pockets I'd punched the fuck out his ass. You might get your ass might beat his ass...but if he tries to take whats guys should be fighting.
  19. Don't be a pussy fight back or don't go by the person at all.
  20. dude you sound like your 10...just shoot the motherfucker and no one will be ripped off by him ever again

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