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  1. Hey yall, just joined this forum a month ago, seems pretty chill, lots of pics and shit. so ive been smoking almost a year now, last month everyday, and i feel like i know alot of shit already about weed, since im active on another weed forum.

    But enough about me, have any of yall ever been robbed before? not only just for weed, but ipods or anything? my friend just got jacked yesterday, lost an ipod video, 2 zips and $50.
  2. I had a PS3 stolen from my room while I was away.
    My newest cell phone which was dope.
    I lost my $50 hat one night when I was xan'd, I'm sure someone scooped that.
    One time I was middlemaning for someone and they pulled a switcharoo with my 100 and gave me a counterfit
    It was raining one day and I let a friend chill in my car to take hits while I was at work. I remembered my mom left her wallet in there and I made him cough up the $40.
  3. I've been robbed many times, and it will never happen again. The worst was when I was buying a half ounce of coke and I never saw it or my money, I was 16 and unfortunately didn't know any better. I found out he was a heroin addict, after I got robbed. Sometimes you have to learn the hard way.
  4. people leave ipods and the like out all the time, most of em would be easy steals, giveaways almost
    back in high school we had a great system of stealing calculators, each went for 50 bucks minimum on ebay, we even had a guy leave 3 periods early every day with all the stolen calc's from the day, just in case of a search, which happened quite a few times, but of course, are guy was out the back door with the evidence :cool:
    we made over 4000 in the end which wasnt bad for 3 high school teens
    it was shady, i dont steal anymore from people,, maybe from the stores,and obviously never from friends, some say its immature, but some things are just there for the taking :smoking:
  5. haha i used to "go to the bathroom" in high school and break into lockers.. the lockers were old as hell and most of them would just open if you tried. I used to steal calculators from walmart and pawn them and sell them on ebay too. I would never steal if it didn't happen to me, but that's life. I don't really steal from people any more, or even expensive shit at retail stores. Just petty shit that I don't want to pay for. Cameras were also big at our school, my friend got busted with one in his locker haha. I actually stole so much shit that it's hard for me to do it anymore, it's like post traumatic stealing syndrome I just get too overwhelmed because I always think to myself "how lucky can I be..? I have to get caught eventually" I've had censors go off 5 separate times when I was stealing, it's scary but you just have to keep walking out. I've also had a target LP guy chase me out of the store, I saw him running at me in the reflection of the window and I ran away from him.
  6. my 6ro Got jumped on my 6lock for a cheap ass cell phone and an empty pack of ciggerats last year.
  7. Its a lot easier to read your posts if you don't use "6" in place of "b". Its probably a lot easier for you to type posts too. So why, why on earth do you have to use a "6"?
  8. Hes a crip :rolleyes:
  9. haha then i'm a blood.. represent
  10. lmao i had a friend that stole some of these calculators at school that were the TI-83's, cost new @ around $100, he ended up pawnin some. after the first few went missing, the teachers locked em up and we couldn't use em anymore ha

    but nah i've never been robbed or had anything stolen from me, but last year i did steal a few cans of that air dust removers stuff that u can inhale from the computer lab at my school LoL
  11. You were able to afford a half ounce of coke at the age of 16???
    Are you Tony Montana's son or sth?
  12. i dont think tony montana's son would get ripped off like that or even have to buy coke
  13. i got robbed when i was in highschool left my shit out in the lockeroom(bad idea) 2 kids came in took all the shit out of the lockeroom. took my limited edition ipod,celly,and my wallet with 25 bucks in it. Funny thing is 5 seconds after they stole all my shit they got arrested and my id was in the wallet so i got all my stuff back.

  14. Me either, considering he's a fictional offspring charactor of a dead guy. lol
  15. Me and my friend got our backpacks stolen in high school once. Later that day, this chick I had known since 8th grade came up to us holding my backpack. She said she stole our bags, set fire to my friends, and was going to burn all my shit until she found my notebook and decided to give me my stuff back.

    Years later she would apologize to me and my friend while drunk at a show. She's still a cool chick, though.
  16. in my school the gangsta kids were in two group real, and fake....the real ones were good with me, the fake ones had a problem...once i was walking to my car, and a fake one pulled out a gun and said "YO GIMME DEM KEYS"...i was with like 5 people though...and the gun was plastic....and he got his face fucked up...

    as for actually being robbed...i live out in the woods, and im a big dude, who for some reason, when my eyes are bloodshot and low and i havent shaved, looks like he will rip you limb from limb....
  17. Okay there, buddy.
  18. Fuck off, I would never lie about that. A half ounce is $600 people..
  19. Damn, you must get hurt then. Good point though.
  20. yeah yall acting like he said he buyin kilos or somethin......600 at 16 is not that rare...

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