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  1. Was looking around all night for a plug that could deliver a Qp for 600$ eventually we came across this guy who could. He said he'd swing by at 7:00. A million excuses later it's midnight and for whatever reason I thought it was still a good idea to buy from this guy. At this point I was high off my ass and the guy texted that he was pulling up. He parks at the street and we walk out there. The car is jam packed with some of the biggest dudes ive ever seen. If I was sober I might have started to give second thoughts but nooo. He rolls down the window, shows me the pack and with out thinking I handed him the money. The second I did the car took off with the money and the pack. I was fucked and I couldn't do shit about it. Still regretting everything. It was a very expensive lesson learned
  2. There's goes $600, how did you find him?

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  3. Snapchat. Through a so called friend. Never met the guy in my life and I set up a 600$ deal. Stupid I know
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  4. Always start thing off with a half maybe move up to an ounce after that stick with that until you feel you can trust him and then ask about bulk... most people won't even be able to get a QP if you ask them but they'll lie because they want that money and they'll say whatever they can to get it..

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  5. Pics or it didn't happen.

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  6. Unlucky but buying that much of someone you don't know seems too much of a risk to me.

    Someone stole £50 of weed from me and my mates once but we knew who it was so justice was served haha.

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  7. I fucking bet. Shit man..

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  8. Well your first mistake was buying from someone you never met, then expecting them to sell you a qp for 600. Its happens to the best of us though. To be fair a car full of guys meeting to sell a qp wouldnt be suspicous (thats a fair amount of weed to move ), a guy trying to buy one on moments notice is.

    Did you really need it that bad?
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  9. Damn, I feel for you baby boo. Let me kiss you and make it all better :makeup::laughing: On the real. that really sucks.:GettingStoned: Hopefully karma gets them, idk.:passing-joint:
  10. Not your average joe with actually give you a QP for a price like that. Not your average joe will actually serve you a QP. That was too good to be true.
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    Its against the rules to ask for hook ups on here bruh..
  12. This story is entry level fake news. I bet Fox would headline it too.
  13. And shoot at a moving car. Sounds smart
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