Robbed via crowbar

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    Had quite the little Saturday evening :smoke: good night until I was hammered walking home at around 4 in the morning from the downtown bars which is something i do often by myself and with friends or even other random other drunk people i meet there's food to get on the way and walking anywhere as drunk as i was seems to take just 5 minutes.

    I don't live too far from the bars it's about a 20-25 minute walk but i was nearly home when this black dude approaches me asking to split a pack of cigs...i don't even smoke cigs a lot but i feel bad for him and wanted to smoke while i walked home. seemed like a chill dude so we walk to a nearby 24 hr grocery store and i buy the pack and leave while he waited outside.

    There are cameras all over so i wasn't paranoid plus i'm a real social drunk which was the whole problem. We walked for a few minutes while exchanging cigs used my lighter while we walked up to a busy street my street is off of when he all of a sudden puts his arm around me and pulls out a crowbar. yes a fucking crowbar and tells me to empty my pockets

    I remember my first thought being where the fuck was he keeping that? i ended up having 80 or so on me but he also took my cell phone, wallet, gold chain and solid gold cross given to me by my sister that has since passed away, obviously the cigs and my fucking lighter and even my pack of orbit, condom and house keys. He was kind enough to give me my ID back. The dumb mother fucker didn't even see the $350 watch i was wearing. If not me being drunk and wearing high top shoes i suppose i could have out ran him but who knows and the thing is i usually keep a switch blade on me. I would have stabbed the dirtbag in the hand he was holding the damn crowbar in.

    But filed a police report canceled my phone and pulled up calls and texts through myverizon that he's made and i know that grocery store has cameras everywhere so hopefully he'll get caught i could care less about the money i just want my damn chain back due to the sentimental value

    So blades while walking the streets beware of getting a crowbar pulled on you.
  2. Damn dude, that's a crazy story. Good luck getting your chain back, and hopefully those store cameras will do you justice.

    Luckily I've never been successfully jumped, but I know that it could happen any time.

    Once I was walking in my town at about 1am with my friend, and two kids who were twice the size of us hopped out of a truck. They asked if we had any money on us, and we both said no, even though I had like 50 bucks on me and my friend probably had some too. After we said no they were like, "oh... ok," so my friend and I walked off. Worst. Muggers. Ever.
  3. ...Why are people such fucking scum?
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    dude thats alot of shit he took from u, u should of at least TRIED to do something

    especially when it came down to sentimental things like that

    i wear a $900 dollar movado watch everyday, and i would fight that motherfucker if he woulda pulled a crowbar on me, but a gun or knife is a different story.

    I dont condone fighting but when the time is right, u gotta do wat u gotta do!

    *edit*- wait wtf...he took your house keys?? dude...get some karate classes going or something
    so he took your house keys but returned your ID, ok so why would he need your keys??
  5. Thats fucked up.

  6. you see, now even if he had a gun i wouldn't give that mother fucker my keys. that's just weird to want someones keys, definitely worth trying to kill that dude right then rather dealing w/ his crazy ass in the future.

  7. :eek:
    dude would fight him..ok...and he has a fucking crowbar...if you swing one at him hes just gonna be like.. wtf...u cheeky fucker!.. then he will bash your skull in.

  8. All happened so fast as soon as he was walking away i realized the things i could have done different...900 dollars doesn't seem like much when you're staring at a sharp solid steel crowbar in front of you. having his arm around me the way he did would give away any sudden moves is what was going on in my mind he knew what he was doing and that i was drunk and took advantage of it.

    No idea, his just reached through my pockets i didn't notice my keys were gone until i came home, i told him i lived in a completely diff area and believe me if he were to come into my house with a crowbar he wouldn't come out alive my roomates don't play that shit. we keep a lot more than tools around here.
  9. what if this dude came to your house and you shot him. would you get in legal trouble? lol
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    yea dude seriously i would fight him so b4 u start saying pointless things at least get to kno me first.

    Ive been taking self defense classes since i was young, im not sayin im a fkn black belt or anything, but i kno how to defend myself buddy... i dont play that shit

    Maybe back in Scotland, u let those kinda people do wat they want, and those of u who look for trouble dont be surprised when someone fuckin breaks your arm, and the robber ends up getting robbed!! or :bolt:

    And to the OP: I hear what your saying homey, shit happens, but all Im saying is maybe u should invest in some sord of self defense classes so this wont happen again, or just dont instill your trust in strangers. I jus hate people who rob other people, there the straglers/scum/shit on the bottom of my shoe. And if anyones' ever robbed somebody..thats for u
    Good luck OP

  11. A crowbar? Who the fuck does this guy think he is, Gordon Freeman?
  12. On new years we were walking to town at around 1 or 2 at night. There was this dude on the other side of the road absoulety TRASHED. My friend turned to me and said "dude lets mug him" i said "nah man what the fuck?" i was amazed at what he said.

    But yeah he was serious and i think its just sad to mug somebody.

    I also had one friend who mugged another friend of mine. that was kind of akward

  13. lol beat me to it, was gonna say "he went gordon freeman on your ass".

    I guess in the end what matters is that you weren't hurt :)
  14. what an undecent person, robbing you after you split cigs with him.

  15. first of all dude, why the insulting tone? i wasn't trying to be insulting against you and it wasn't a personal attack and i'm sorry if it came across that way.

    all i am saying is, no matter what self defense classes you took, even if you are a great fighter, you try lunging at someone with a crowbar and making them nervous, they gonna beat you with that crowbar, no two ways about it, your not gonna beat a weapon that easily.
  16. hahaha i would have scratched his eyes and bit his ankles!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  17. Rule #1. Never underestimate your opponent.

    If you still think that getting your skull cracked open is worth a fucking watch, then good luck.

    Personally, I prefer to leave little to chance with the justified use of a gun, which brings me back to Rule #1...:cool:
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    I think my hate over people robbing other people overshadows "my watch" bro. It was jus an example i used, so basically if rule #1 is dont underestimate your opponent, then why wouldnt i be able to disarm someone with a crowbar??, as i said b4, im pretty confident that i would b able to disarm him, if u guys choose not to believe it, i dont kno what to tell u

    Maybe someone with a better pespective on martial arts would be able to tell you that, yes you are only to fight when in dire need, but never to fight when a gun is involved.

    hey man if you'd rather shoot someone n possibly kill em, go through trial n all that bullshit n possibly get LIFE cause your fkn lawyer sux or watever then by all means dude

    Ignorance strikes again...
  19. That's shitty man. Good luck getting your stuff back

    Should have tackled him. Can't swing a crowbar when you're on your back

  20. I see what your saying i guess....

    But the best way to disarm someone with a weapon is when they go at You.
    so lunging at him you'd probably catch a c-bar to the head and your out for ahwile.

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