Robbed At Gun Point Bullshit

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Funk-D, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. Okay shittiest day ever. I go to the bank to cash my check, there at the bank I see an old friend that I haven't seen since highschool we we're pretty cool back then and we used to get weed for each other when the other didn't know where to go also we worked together at my first job at krystals. We get to talking, and he says he's looking for some good weed. I tell him I know where to get it, and this guy like a dumb ass talks me into going and buying him a half ounce of weed, to go drop it off at his apartment I already thought it was sketch cause he wanted me to cover him, and drop it off just because hes with his daughter, and didn't want to bring her along on a drug deal or leave her by herself.

    Long story shirt I go get the green, on the front no less my dealers a good friend and he was like don't worry about it your getting the money right back. I go he gives me directions to an apartment complex and tells me to go to apartment 132, the apartments end at 131. I see these two guys, and before I even ask anything they tell me 132 is right this way. Now, I know somethings up, and I say never mind I forgot something in my car...a little excuse just for me to get the fuck out of there. I turn to walk away, and bam I get hit in the head with the back of a pistol. I go down and they hit me a couple more times before reaching and grabbing everything out of my pockets down from the half ounce of nuggets. My car keys, my wallet, and my cellphone. Before running off.

    I try to run after them, and a lady calls up telling me she seen everything and called the police. I meet her around the front of her apartment, and she says the cops are on there way right when the two dick heads who robbed me come out of an apartment, and ran to their car and drove off. She cliams those guys have gotta live there cause their car is always there. The police come I tell them what happened minus the weed of course. Gave them the guy I went to highschools with name, description and shit. When they pulled off I got their tag number and gave them that to. The police found the car, but not the guys. They took the car, and now their just looking for the people something tells me they won't find them though.

    I had to call my dad to bring the spar key to my car. and now I'm 300 dollars in the hole I have to replace all my id cards, and get a new phone but its cool cause I have insurance on it. Although the memory card I had in it is gone probably. I hope they catch the guys, but right now I'm just pissed.
  2. whats YOUR dealers view on this? You still gotta pay him right?
  3. horrible Bro, inthese tuff times, everyone is a target, reguardless knowing them or not, as fucked up as it is, unreal,

    I have 2 friends, my family, everyone else can F' off,

  4. Yup, I gotta pay him asap and I dont have the money. I get paid next week, but I got a fucking ticket to pay off that 165$ I don't know what I'm going to do the dealer doesn't know where I live, but I don't wanna leave him hanging cause its my fault I just have no idea when I'll be able to get the money to him. Unless hes down for a payment plan which I doubted.
  5. let him know your situation and handle your business. He knows about the dudes who took your shit right?
  6. So he sent you to that apartment (which didn't exist after all:confused:)and you got robbed, looks like a trap. Probably your dealer set you off..he was the only one who knew where you were at that moment:confused:
  7. No my dealer didn't set me up. He doesn't even know the dude I was going to sell it to. The buyer set me up by telling me to go to an apartment that doesn't exist. And of course my dad tried to use it as a way to say weed is bad. When reality all it means is people are bad, and the shit needs to be legalized so I don't have to worry about stupid shit like this.
  8. He knows I got robbed yeah he seemed kind of understanding but still I half ounce loss worth 300 bucks is a big loss to take for a drug dealer this I understand so I gotta pay him back, I dont know where the dude actually lives or where hes at to go beat his ass. The police are on him, and got his car so I just hope they catch his ass not that that'll get the weed back, but I'll feel better knowing the fuckers getting jail time for what he did.

    Right now my plan is to go on an unplanned T-Break and pay this dealer back all my tips, along with my pay check (after I pay off my speeding ticket of 165$) until I pay him back simple as that. Pretty sure it's gonna take me two three weeks to pull off though.
  9. Damn Funk, that's really fucking shitty. Keep your head up man, I'm a firm believer in karma and sooner or later, that shit is going to catch up to the guys who robbed you and knock them on their asses.
  10. been there done that. same shit happen to me right after christmas. except two dudes ran up into my apt and beat the living hell out of me and got me for pretty much everything, i cant remember how many times i was pistol whipped. The one fucking time i forget to lock the door, go figure.

    I feel for you man, I hope you get those bastards
  11. people are doin dumb stuff always. My friend saw his neighbor get his door kicked in and robbed.

    sounds your gonna handle it good though, pay your dues, debt to friends/dealers or the state will hurt you ;) don't eff with shady people
  12. Yup right now in total I gotta pay 300 dollars to the dealer

    165 to the state for a speeding ticket a got awhile back.

    so I got 465 dollars in debt to take care of before I can even smoke my own bought weed again hopefully friends will take pity and get me high a couple times but from here till 465 dollars just about every dime I get is going to someone that isn't me.
  13. You got a 300 dollar half O? I've never heard of such a thing, that's more than 20 a gram, let alone price cuts. You're getting ripped off hard
  14. Yup prices are high all around out here its the standard price. He charges 550 for an ounce. I don't care about prices cause most of the time I get a gram for free for bringing the deal sales. Prices are the last thing on my mind last thing I feel like having right now, is a dick measuring contest ahhh I can get better prices than you.
  15. wow that's some shit man. some people are so rotten. makes us responsible drug users look bad. but it looks like you know what you gotta'll be a thing of the past soon enough
  16. Exactly my father tried to use that as an excuse to get me to stop smoking he's never liked it. He thinks the weed is to blame when in reality it was just because those guys were fucking assholez.
  17. sucks bud, but they're gonna get whats coming to them im sure. at least u caught on as soon as u could have and tried to get the fuck outta there, a lot of people woulda prolly just kept going instead of goin with their gut
  18. I felt something was up from the jump. I even talked to him I said alright dude I'm gonna trust you. Take your word as a man that you're on no bullshit. Cause as far as this dealers concerned hes fronting me. He was like yeah I understand I just wanna eat. Fucking asshole I wish painful death on him.
  19. All for a half-o...damn, that was really worth it. Sucks to hear shit went down like that, at least they didn't stab/shoot your ass or any bs like that.

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