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roadkill skunk

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by dagobaker, May 11, 2011.

  1. exp with some diff lighting......still not great
    roadkill bottom nugs (yes this is from the bottom 1/2 of the plant)

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  2. Those nugs look fantastic
  3. I'm not gonna lie, those nugs are sexy
  4. Schwag.... :smoke::smoke:
  5. this harvest is my best ever..............i think
    its 100% fire............uber.........dank........proud papa
  6. I want to see the colas :eek:

  7. yes very dank stuff, whats ur estimated dry total weight?

  8. I was about to say, looks like it was grown to perfection. Impressive work dude!
  9. perfect shit perfect
  10. i think the roadkill colas are dry....but im in no hurry to check :)
    i will prob give an extra few days due to the massive size this harvest had.......
    this is the best looking rks ive grown

    well i have a total of 1800 watts but not all chopped
    i wanted 2 pounds minimum with 3 being perfection
  11. your hard work paid off
  12. whats the high like? ratio? looks like beautiful
  13. rks is very indica........
    body stone in legs and some in chest.......NOT for head high hunters..........
    sweet skunk is how i describe the flavor and smell
    top quality......want to smoke her all day and night and back for more

  14. Woow,
    Its like a dream to me to imagine 1 person having 2+ lbs of shit like that -.-
  15. doubtful thats all he has if he grows the shit. but yea just picture going home and opening like a cabinet and its just full to the top.
  16. Did u say dam rks? Impressive
  17. i have a few mason jars with personal............

    peeps need to smoke :)

    lol no idea.......its roadkill skunk from cannacopia ..........super great bud
  18. You have a gift, my friend. Don't hide that in a bushle basket.
  19. few pics.......1 of 2 year old white berry .other is rks

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