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  1. Hey GC, i want to hear your road trip experiences.

    Last winter me and my friend were driving around smoking a blunt,(always do this on weekends) when we just decide to take a road trip right then and there. So we go to my house, get some money, clothes food and the rest of the bud and set out. We decided to drive to the mountains and smoke in the woods and camp out. It takes 8 hours to get there and we took the interstate. We were driving, listening to some music and smoking bowl after bowl after bowl of some high-midds. It was the chilliest shit ever. We only got lost once...We had to stop off and get gas and some drink because we were running low. We finally get to the mountains by nightfall. We said screw the camp out...WE parked at this parking lot that was hanging over a huge cliff and we got out sat on the hood and smoked a few well earned blunts. Man that was the best road trip ever...
    So yeah, I'd love to hear your road trip stories -peace:)
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    man why would you say that?
  3. What bongin shaman?

    I have never gone on a real road trip, but me and a few friends really want to this summer. However i have gone on New piece ride aka drive 30 mins to Pacific beach (headshop central). We smoked a buncha bowls on the way, damn fun, speccially b/c we had no idea how to get thier :D

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