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Road Trip?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SpaceCadet, Jul 23, 2002.

  1. Fellow Stoners...a few of my friends are planning a road trip to the US from Canada and they need your expert advice. They are hoping to bring along their stash, but there is the dilemma of crossing the US border. Could yall give us some tips on storage and concealing their goods? Please help!!
  2. damn, i dont know....arent the border police kinda lookin for that type of thing right now?
  3. well considering its the canadian/us border, you might stand a chance of getting it across. They do random searches but most of the time as long as the car/people dont look suspect they'll just ask you a few questions at your window and then let you go on your way. My suggestion would be to use one of the common coffee can or shampoo or peanut butter jar methods and then put this in someones bag torwards the bottom. Chances are they'll just ask you if you have anything you'd like to claim, how long you're going to spend in the US, how much money are you bringing, what do you plan on doing. Basically its all small talk but theyre trying to read you. They want to know if they should trust you. Having crossed the border several times with my family we would never get searched, but if its a bunch of young guys you may get searched so be prepared. just make sure things are visible in your car, dont try doing something stupid like throwing a blanket over the whole back of the car where you have you luggage, because the more they can see from the outside, the less likely they are to search on the inside.
  4. I live in Detroit Michigan, so i am about 5 to 10 minutes from the border. Being only 20 years of age I go to canada quite often to get drunk with my friends. We had the same problem once, we wanted to bring our stash across the border. We went to the hardware store and found a metal box about 2 inches thick and 6 inches long, we then got a VERYstrong magnet and stuck it to the box, so now we put our weed in that, stick it to the bottom of the car, then once across the border we find a place to park and put the shit in the car. The cost of the box and magnet was only like $30 and we use it over and over again

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