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    alright...damn. I'm supposed to be headed out to Iowa City next week with a friend of mine. He needs help bringing home some tools(lathe, saws, skateboard decks he made) from when he was out there last month. We're both born and raised in Iowa...but met out here in CO. I'm just sketching out because I'm on probation which means I can't go out of the state but I do have a license to drive...but my buddy doesn't have a license. So if either on of us gets pulled over...we're fucked. We're also bringing just like a quarter to smoke while we're there but theres plenty of hiding spots for that. Now, this trip would be a fuckin blast...seeing old friends and meeting new ones...etc. I don't think it's a smart idea to go. Keep in mind its like at least a 14 hour drive as well. what do you think? would you take the risk? you only live once...:confused_2:

    oh, and on the way back we're bringing at least 3 brand new unused bongs that we had blown for us(only 1 is mine) by a friend.
  2. if you're on probation and caught driving you're fucked. they'll search your car and find the weed, trust me. so leaving the state and possession charges would suck, don't do it.

  3. Yeah, definitely. Idk though man...I've made it out there with no law contact before but that doesn't by any means mean that it can't happen.

  4. well you're probably going to be on the interstate, where people can come up beside you and see what you look like.

    just look at it from a cops point of view.

    he's going to pull over two kids who look like they might be hiding something before a middle-aged man and his family. and it's not like he needs a reason. there's so much shit cops can make up to pull over pretty much anyone they want.

    you might be able to make it, but you should look up the penalties for your state for leaving the state under probation.

  5. yeah dude thats for sure true...sketchy as fuck. At least we actually don't look like "two kids who look like they might be hiding something" and his car has good enough tint. Either way I'm pretty sure I'm not going to go. I mean, honestly, even if he gets pulled over he is going to jail and I'll either be stuck in the middle of nowhere with no car or in jail. hmmm idk though thanks man

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