Road Trip!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by POTSTYLZ, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. So im leaving NC for a week and a half. Im flying out to Utah, to do some snowboarding, then me and that female ive been talking about, are driving back together. Figured we would just take our time cruising back, and have a good time. Any really cool shit to see along the way?
  2. Dude does Utah have snow already?
  3. ^^^^^

    Some friends told me Snow basin, and Powder mtn, will be swinging by the time im there. I leave nov. 13 for utah. I know SLC got dusted already though
  4. ya i in colorado and we have had snow too, i dono about the mountains in utah, but i know there around the same elevations as here(i think)

    anyways dont expect anything to impressive on nov 13th

    all the resorts open here around nov 9

    a basin and loveland pass will be open by mid october here.

    have a good time man snowboarding is the shit!
  5. Should be a really tight time :hello:. How long is the drive going to be?
  6. I have made the drive in 3 days, but we are taking our time across country. We just wanted to spend some time together, and hang out in a bunch of cool places

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