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  1. this takes place in maine, and only in maine, as far as i can remember.

    so about a week ago (more like three months ago now), the last weekend of november i think. i had to drop something off in topsham, which is about an hour drive from my house. i had some money, so i wanted to pick up a bag and chill out. luckily my friend, we'll call him "docsparky" for the sake of anonymity, was online the same time i came up with this "plan".

    he was cool with drivin down there, so off we went. did some decent burnouts and dropped that shit off without a hitch and then hopped on the highway to head to augusta, the capitol of maine. now augusta is probably a good 1/2 hour ride on 295 from topsham. merging on 295 i wound the eg up and passed all five cars merging with us [​IMG], the first bein a thirty-somethin woman in a mitsubishi gallant. she did not like that much and soon passed me when i was doin about a hundred. i figured, why race her when i have all day ahead of me? so i just followed her at about the same speed thinkin that if we met some cops they would get her first.[​IMG]

    we ended up gettin a bag of some premature shit that was real fuckin dry and just drove around augusta for awhile [​IMG]. then about nightfall i came up with the idea that we should just drive up north to the dirt highways of the loggin trucks (where i wrecked my olds 442 [​IMG]) so we get back on 295 and time was goin so fuckin slow, it took forever to get to our exit onto route 201. fyi, 201 is fuckin everywhere. we drove so far on 201 lookin for the big dirt roads we saw a sign outside of jackman that said something like "<- jackman the forks -> and then it said in big letters "canada" w/ no mileage on it. turned around after that, saw a car painted like a cop's. about that time i noticed there was about a foot of snow!!! and right after that, we found the road but couldn't drive up it due to the snow [​IMG]

    there was no place to go from there but back 245 miles. so we decided to just take 201 home and got lost in a city i still don't know the fuckin name of. we ended up like a 1/4 mile from my house at 2 in the morning and stayed a couple hours in a yurt[​IMG]: then we got up at about 4:30ish and drove back to augusta on like 1/8 of a tank and sat in a barnes and noble parking lot until 7 or so. i'll just say that we smoked 1/4 in less than 12 hours. i'm missing alot of details here and i'll edit it when i remember them, if i ever do...
  2. Bahahaha, i love this story its so beast. :D
  3. Okay.......what?:confused:
  4. tl;dr version-
    Drove to do something, found weed, smoked weed, drove more, got lost, ran into a foot of snow (aka Canada aka Acadia- "Land of Nothing"), and then drove all the way back with nothing to show besides memories and red eyes.

    Did I miss stuff?
  5. i'm guessing english isn't your first language, so i'll break it down for you.

    i drove about 700 miles in one night, all the while smoking a bowl every 1/2 hour or so. it was a pointless excursion because the roads i wanted to use were not plowed, something i had not expected because my hometown had no snow at that time. i got lost on the way home, due to taking a different return route.
  6. no, that is a beautiful short version of my confusing story.
  7. Cheers, homie. :smoking:

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