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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Amped, May 22, 2010.

  1. People say to use the card from zig zag packs and shit, but isnt it okay to just use regular paper? Ive used regular paper in every joint ive made.. I dont think its a problem because you dont smoke that part.. is this right? :smoking:
  2. I use index cards. Because they are thick they give it a more stable feel and they also go out as soon as the cherry hits it. I would think regular paper would start to burn.
  3. Noo :eek: It was perfectly stable, and never burned!
  4. yea no worries. Didn't really need to ask a forum this?
  5. Yes, because every single link ive seen nobody said anything about using computer paper or lined paper for a roach.
  6. This. Back when i used to use crutches, index cards were the way to go. But now, i just pack the mouth piece with bud like a blunt, then save 6 or 7 pinner roaches, and youve got yourself a free, resinated joint :smoke:
  7. I used to use roaches but then one day I just rolled a cone j and i was like 'this is awesome' then i just rolled cones from then on :D
  8. I use business or index cards (preferably not too stiff) for my joint filters. No wider than my fingernail is the width rule for me. ;)

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