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  1. So tonight i was a little dry on the cannabis, i'm normally never out but tonight was just one of those rare occasions. Watching Adult Swim and not high kinda made me upset i mean its like 500 times funnier when you're stoned lol. Of course i wanted a blunt but unfortunately i had reminded myself i had no tree to roll up, or did I? A light bulb went off in my head, i put two and two together; i had like 4 decent sized roaches just chillin there in the ash tray. So i did it unwrapped the roaches and instead of rolling up it had occurred to me i had enough ganj for a decent size bowl pack for my roommates peculated glass bong. I immediately packed it smoked it and the remainder of my night has been great and i have been inspired to blog about this because i think everyone should have a roach collection. Call me a fiend but there are times when you don't have bud maybe cause you don't have money or your dealer is dry etc....but its an emergency stash so to say. Marijuana is marijuana and instead of throwing your roaches away keep them put them in a jar or empty pill bottle and bam just collect, then of course use in a time of need! Does anyone think this is a good idea or already do this??

  2. I do this.
    My hubby was telling me a story of one of his friends who would put all the roaches away from a entire yr until New Yr's eve and they would mix everything together.
    Wow that's actually a really good idea, i mean over the course of 365 days do you know how many roaches you accumulate. All of those roaches add up!
  4. OMG I have been smokin since 1972. I am the one that originally came up with that idea.
    so does that mean like me and you have a connection..
  6. Lol, no it means that roaches have been collected since the 60's. Aint nothing new.....
    I listen to the Doors and you're from the 60's and you invented roach collecting. Its kinda like you're my dad..
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    I do it with stems, not roaches, just leave a little bit still attached instead of pickin it clean. Also makes good when you throw it in for some concentrates.
  9. Been saving my roaches since I started smoking.
    Used to be outdoors under rocks/stepping stones and such.
    Now days I just keep them till I have enough to make a joint and roll them up.
  10. I love adult swim lol


  11. so you're amazed at yourself for smoking roaches??
    i can't tell you how many times ive done this and thought nothing about it.
    you're so cool... :rolleyes:
  12. My homie gas a big ass jar of blunt roaches
  13. Pics or it didn't happen
    No i don't smoke roaches i take them apart and put them in a bowl to smoke out of a bong....i'm amazed i haven't thought about roach collection sooner.
    thats what i do also. though i never had an actual "collection".
    i used to leave em in jacket pockets, and ashtrays so it was like a treasure hunt when i felt like gettin high l
  16. I have a shot glass full of them by my bed. lol
    lol, used to be the same. Now I have a single ashtray (tin with lid) that is used only for roaches.
    When it looks like there are enough for a spliff I get all the weed out, make a spliff then torch the leftovers.
  18. i love to save roaches and stems i have about 15 grams of stems and about a medicine bottle full of roaches
  19. people have been using cannabis for thousands of years and you think you invented "saving roaches"?
    pretty sure kerouac mentions it in "on the road", too.

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