RO Filter for <$100?

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  1. Hey all,

    I need to buy an RO filter for my upcoming hempy bucket grow to use with the lucas formula. The cheapest one I've found is 150 shipped from thefilterguys:
    RO/DI Systems

    It's the Ocean Wave Shell one at the top of the page. It's still pretty pricey though. What RO filters do you use? Anyone know of anything cheaper?
  2. I forgot where I saw it, (it was def. in a magazine though) but for 25 dollars, you could buy one that hooked up to a garden hose or laundry tub...
  3. bought the filter! Can't pass up 65 bucks w free shipping!!

    cant wait to see how low the ppm will be...
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    I bought my system from this place. I bought the 2 output/6 stage 0ppm RO/DI system w/ tank for $145 w/ free shipping. Couldn't be happier with it. Was a recommendation from some senior members here. Good luck.

    P U R E W A T E R C L U B
  5. Now see if it produces enough water for ya,I have whirlpool wr25 was 150ish from lowes and U can fill up like 2 gallons at a time(has holding tank)Next will be counter top style.Still keep posted
  6. If i use natural mineral water i have to buy a RO Filter??
  7. You don't have to buy one, it just makes life easier. It takes my tap water from 175ppm, 8.3pH down to 000ppm, 7.0pH. If your water is free and close to pure H2O then I wouldn't worry about it. :smoke:
  8. i see that you know for aeroponic... iwant to ask(i saw your garden) i have to put the seeds first in a smaller bucket and then in a bigger or i can put it in the big from the begining??
  9. Dealer's choice. But, the bigger the container, the more water and nutes you need. I hate mixing up nutes and carrying water around. For aeroponics this isn't such a big deal since you can use a lot less water. When I am using DWC, I like for the water level to be right at the bottom of mesh pot. Aeroponics you just need enough water to cover the water pump.

    My attempts at aero always leak (except the cloner, the lid is air tight) so now I'm back on nothing but DWC for hydro veg and flower.

    I try to recycle my old nute water, too. I'll take some veg nutes and water the mothers and the SoG cups with it. Waste not, want not ya know. :smoke:
  10. hydroponic or aeroponic ise better? (for the plant)
  11. Pics as requested :)

    It can be tough to get the tubing onto the faucet piece. The directions say to put the end of the tubing into boiling water for a minute, I did that and then used a lighter to make it even softer then shoved it on.

    When I was unscrewing the RO filter lid I broke off a plastic fitting and had to improvise the best I could. I've managed to get all the leaks out by making sure all the fittings are tight, but not tight enough to strip anything.

    Since I'm living alone right now, I moved my unit into the kitchen. Lot handier than where it was previously :smoke:

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  12. I totally didn't realize you could take off that crappy rubber thing!! Alright, back to work... thanks for the pics!!!
  13. This one needs a bump... purewaterclub has the best prices hands down.. I'm ordering one!
  14. totally agreed. They are, however, a total pain in the ass to install. Like wasabe said, you'll NEED a lighter to pretty much melt the damn tubing around where you need to get it. The instructions are also pretty shitty and of little help.
  15. I've been looking into getting an adapter that will make installing less painful... Lowe's has some stuff that seems like it would be able to do the job but i won't know until I've got the damn thing in front of me... Whenever I get it I'll take some Pics of what I'm talking about...
  16. Before I moved the filter to my kitchen I had been using a garden hose as the input source. I'm not sure where to buy one of these adapters, I just happened to have one laying around from a previous project.

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  17. They sell them on the site but they want $12 for one.. I'm gonna see if I can get one cheaper than that.. $3-4 max...

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