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Riverside Medical Marijuana Evaluations: Legit?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Nom de Plume, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. 4900 Arlington Ave.
    Riverside, CA

    Has anyone had any experience with these people? They want cash payment, so there is no recourse if it is bogus.

    How can I tell if it is a rip-off? Any suggestions? BTW, I have a justifiable medical condition, but I am new to this.

  2. The only thing I can find on them is that they advertise on Craigslist. That's REALLY not a good sign to be honest, but I don't see anything else in a google search, and I've not heard of them before.
  3. Yeah, I had the same results. I'm not really feeling good about this, so I'm going to sleep on it tonight and probably cancel my appointment tomorrow.

    Is a cash payment customary with MMJ Clinics?
  4. haha, thats where i got my recommendation, they are legit. Payment is around 130 i believe
  5. Riverside rep the 909 son
  6. Say whut?

    Can someone tell me what that means in English?

    I've made an appointment with this group. It seems legit, and they don't demand cash. Again, I welcome any and all comments on this one.
  7. might be worth the drive down to san diego if those guys arent legit. just my .02 the office on kerny villa is straight up legit.
  8. THere are actually quite a few recommending doctors who are very legitimate in just about every area of So-Cal - no need to go driving forever to find one.
  9. I went down to that place called Riverside Cannabis Consultants at 4900 Arlington Ave. in Riverside with my wife who got her card. They have a policy if you don't qualify for Medical Marijuana then there is NO FEE.
    They were as professional as you could want. The appointment was right on time, and the doctor actually examined my wife and gave her not only the card and MMJ Rec Letter,, but also a chart explaining the difference between Sativa and Indica. The doc is really nice and easy going. The office actually gave away some MMJ magazines and business cards of local dispensaries too.
    Really nice and helpful and very very professional. I'm going there for my renewal when it comes due.
  10. Doctors aren't supposed to distribute literature for dispensaries (though many do anyway), just FYI. They're to have zero relationships with the clubs. Other than that relatively minor annoyance, sounds like a positive experience.

  11. 909 is the area code in Riverside. He's 'rep'risenting his stomping grounds, as in saying its a cool place. Though riverside is Hot as Fuck. I can't handle 100+ degree weather.
  12. Errr...actually, it is 951 in most areas, but no matter. I went with MMEC because of their closeness to where I live and their multiple clinics, which I hope will add credence and legitimacy to their recommendations. I was treated in a very professional manner and did not need to produce my medical records in order to receive a's not that I could not have produced a qualifying diagnosis from my primary care physician, it's just that it is obvious that I have a couple of bona fide medical conditions that would qualify me for a recommendation.

    Believe it or not, MMJ really helps! The only possible thing that could be considered a "downside" is that I went 'way overboard on the medication not knowing how potent it was, so I won't be needing a refill any time soon!
  13. I got my recommendation in OC..more places too seem legit in OC, just my .02
  14. i know what place your talking about.

    idk how good they are or what not, ive hurd of a place in norco thats legit my friends mom got her card there. look into that i dont know the name of that place :( haha

    909 reppin:smoking:
  15. I have some friends that went tot he place on Arlington, its legit costs 130 which is pretty good. there aren't many dispensaries around here so its chiller to head somewhere else to get your rec so you can get meds right away. There is a new dispensary in Mira Loma which is like 10 minutes outside of riverside, its legit but kept pretty DL, not on weedtracker or anything

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