RIVERSIDE: Marijuana dispensary owner kidnapped, tortured

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  1. Police have arrested two men accused of kidnapping and burning the owner of a marijuana dispensary in Riverside.
    The suspects, identified as a business partner and supplier of the victim, tied him up and repeatedly tortured the man inside the business on Arlington Avenue near Monroe Street Thursday, June 13 and Friday, June 14, according to a Riverside Police Department news release.
    The victim was then taken to another location, where he remained under threats that his family would be killed, until he fled and called authorities on Sunday.
    The man, who had been taken to a hospital by firefighters and paramedics, told police he had been having a dispute with the suspects over money owed and product that had been delivered to the store, police Sgt. Dan Russell reported in the news release.
    Russell declined by phone to discuss details of the torture, including how the burns were inflicted. He said the burns were so severe that detectives are asking prosecutors to charge the two men with torture. The victim was not set on fire, he said.
    On Thursday, his partner asked to meet him at the dispensary, the release said. When he arrived, the supplier was also there and the two men attacked him.
    Detectives arrested Joshua Richard Andro, 29, the supplier, and David Pomee, 32, the partner, both of Riverside, on suspicion of torture, kidnapping for ransom, second-degree robbery, assault with a stun gun, making terrorist threats and second-degree burglary. Andro's bail was set at $1 million.
    Russell said the dispensary has been closed for about two weeks.
    Riverside authorities have been working to close all the dispensaries in the city since early May, when the California Supreme Court upheld its right to ban them. A storefront boarded up June 7 was thought to be the last active dispensary operating in Riverside, City Attorney Greg Priamos said at the time.

  2. I really hope the media doesn't blame this on marijuana.

    How stupid could those 2 be? This isn't an illegal buisness, why would they think he wouldn't call 911. I hope they both get severe punishment and rot in jail till they die.
  3. And this is the type of shit that happens with a virtually unregulated mmj industry that is full of criminals.

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  5. True, did not mean to generalize everybody in Cali, just saying that the program needs some tightening up.

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  6. Rip dirt person
  7. Wow, and you are here on a pro-cannabis site. Imagine the effect such an article has on the general populous.
    "Mission accomplished" with this dramatic prohibitonist media fodder.
    Hey, do us all a favor, OP, and cite where you get such an article. Its nice to know which media outlet is pushing this bullshit.
  8. You're in denial. If you're against medical cannabis, you're in denial.
    First rule of smoking: Don't hand over the cash until you see the product.
    First rule of selling: Don't hand over product until you see the cash.
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  11. First rule of running a grey-area dispensary - just because the city shuts your ass down doesn't mean you get to stiff your fronts.

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