Risky places you've smoked, or funny places you've been ridiculously high?

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  1. I've got several funny stories here...

    I'll preface this with: all these stories are from when I was in college. When I was in college, I smoked every day, basically all day long.

    I'll start with what I think is the best one:

    I was in college, chilling on campus before some class. This was like a 1 hour break I had between classes. I usually hit up my friend's dorm room to smoke with him and whoever else was chilling over there, but he wasn't in.

    So I thought quickly, trying to find a place to smoke. I ended up going down to the laundry room in the dorm (I didn't live on campus that year, and didn't know anyone else who lived on campus who woulda been around to smoke with at the time).

    So, I look around the laundry room, and there is this wooden janitors closet in the corner. It had wooden walls coming out from the concrete of the laundry room (think of it like an oversized bathroom stall made out of wood). The walls went down to the floor, but not quite all the way up to the ceiling. I went in there, sat down on an upside-down bucket, packed my bowl with about half a gram (huge bowl, it was awesome), and lit up.

    I was about half-way done smoking when I hear a bunch of people walk into the laundry room. Now, they couldn't see me, but I was sure they'd smell something. But they continued whatever they were talking about, and sat down on the laundry machines (I heard them sit down--couldn't see them). I was like "fuck, what am I gonna do? I have half this bowl left, and I have to leave for my class in like 10 minutes"

    I waited for a few minutes, but the people kept just talking. I figured they were waiting for their laundry to finish, and so might be a while more... So, I was like "fuck it", and lit up again :smoking:

    After I smoked the rest of the bowl, the janitor's closet was totally hotboxed. Rife with smoke. I looked at my phone and was like "crap, I really, really need to get to class"
    So I opened the janitor's closet door and walked out in a huge billow of smoke. There were 5 kids sitting around about 5 feet from me. They all looked up. I kind of waved a bit, was like "wassup" and walked out and went to class.
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    Here is another story:

    I used to work at a subway when I was in college. I would often bring my pfwoot (an inflatable bong) with me and blaze in the bathroom before my shift (for some reason there was almost never a manager on shift... just me and this other guy who smoked). The bathroom was a one-person bathroom.

    So anyway, this one day I had only managed to nab a quarter of schwag. I decided not to bother with the pfwoot, and instead rolled about 15-20 joints before work. When I got to work, I went into the freezer, took out the joints, and stuck em all to one of the metal rails (by licking the end just a bit). I went and told my co-worker that I brought some smoke, and we took turns going into the freezer and smoking one of the joints to the head.

    I got so messed up that shift...
  3. I guess the most risky was in a high school locker room when a football game was going on.
  4. hotboxed a car in a grocery store parking lot
  5. Me and my friends were driving around looking for a place to smoke. I live kinda in the country but we didn't just want to pull over on the side of the road. So anyways as we are looking for a spot we come to a stop sign and see no cars so we were like "why not just toke up right here? so we were stopped at this stop sign for like 20 minutes blazing, then just took off when we were done. Didn't end up seeing one car.
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    I've lit up pretty much everywhere you can think of, but some of the riskiest places include the following:

    - In my grandparents' house (before they knew I smoked)

    - Roof of police station

    - Washroom at Subway

    - Roof of my apartment (another tenant found me one night, ended up matching;))

    - Hospital balcony after my friend got cut pretty bad in a fight (we got jumped, fucked each other up, needed stitches, etc.) when there were cops inside and just around the corner questioning him

    - Back of a bus at 1 AM when my girl and I were the only ones riding it (got caught pretty fast anyway, though)

    - School, numerous times

    - On top of a stopped train (started moving with a violent jerk; nearly fell off the goddamn thing)

    - I found out the mother of a friend of mine was the cop that arrested me when I was 16, so I hotboxed her room when she was in the shower

    - Got really drunk one night and decided that stealing a car would be a good idea. I found an unlocked one, got inside and, upon remembering that I didn't know how to hotwire a car, I lit a joint and left when I finished it.

    - Didn't know it at the time, but when I was at a friend's place smoking in his garage, a cop was upstairs talking to his parents about a break-in next door. His dad managed to stop the cop from coming down to talk to us as well

    - Garden at my great-grandmother's nursing home, with some of those old folks strolling by every now and then (that one almost fucked me over simply because those goddamn geezers are paranoid about young people)
  7. -- Comerica Park in Detroit ot watch the Jays play on the road on Opening Day after taking brownies over the border and eating them

    -- random hotel room in Aruba with these guys that had really bad weed, but it was still fun
  8. -side of the bowling alley in Folsom

    -chongin down a joint pulling into the gas station

    -right across the street from school

    -super duper baked on my birthday, everyone was. my mom took pictures too haha. my friend passed out in a lawn chair on my driveway.
  9. one time i had to get a criminal fucking background test to work at supermarket, yeah how gay. but anyways i had been pretty clean for a while even though they werent going to drug test me. but it was a long drive so i smoked a fat bowl of spice gold on the way there because i knew i could act straight in the prison and i had them clear eyes. so i get there high as fuck but acting straight as fuck and i pass all these cops and go into a waiting room. EVERYBODY in there was sooo ghetto haha. so im sitting in a waiting room with a bunch of little ghetto 3 years olds running around and could see this cute (not ghetto) chick staring at me like she wanted me to hit on her. and the dude next to me was like, "man i hope they dont got nothin on me bro" and i started talking to him for a while and he was pretty cool. so i was like yea me too. and he goes, nahh dude your too young for that. i was like if only he knew haha. that was a really funny situation at the time

    also i usually always end up getting high before i go into the bank and cash my check, that always a fun thing to do while trying to not just busting out laughing.
  10. PFffFF HAHAHA! Fickion walk out lookin like cloud man.
  11. At Busch Gardens in Tampa on the little sky lift/cable car thingy that gives you the "air tour" of the park with my ex gf..and we also took the tabacco out of a black and mild and mixed it with green and smoked in the designated smoking area. Also at work like I'll prentend I'm going to the bathroom then go to a deserted part of the building (which is like one floor down) smoke a bowl then go back to work.. this goes on like 3 to 4 times a day so I am usually blazed all day at work..
  12. ohhh... i think gc's gonna harp on you considering im planning on ordering one of those in a few days instead of another more expensive piece i was gonna get on here hehe.

    but the most risky place ive ever smoked?

    well earlier in highschool me and my best buds at the time broke into an abandoned house every single day for 3 months and smoked MAAADDDD dope... but i think our mistake was when we realised. uh oh.. was that a walkie talkie? minutes later 10 cops were surrounding us with the streets around us swarmed with cop cars. i didnt know if i should be honoured or embarassed
  13. i smoke in my parents house every night and they dont know

    in a hallway of a food court (got caught by some black lady and all she said was "mmm that smells good" and walked off)

    smoked a joint walking down a crowded street, twice

    sitting on a bench on a busy WVU campus (people just dont care here)

    in my parents kitchen

    and ive hotboxed the car just about everywhere possible :)
  14. back porch of friends house mid day

    bowl walkn down the bikepath

    3 joints walking down the bikepath

    friends room while his grandma came to his house to see him

    movie theatre and saw people i knew

    3d movie

    park while a softball game was goin on

    driving 45 minutes away passing 2 bowls....driver was packin a bowl and forgot he was driving....
  15. Here is another one:

    I had this chemistry lab that was like 3 hours long. It was right after a bunch of other classes, so I never had time to smoke before it. So, right after the TA was done explaining the lab, I'd be like "I'm gonna go have a cigarette" to my lab partner.

    I'd go to the bathroom (which was relatively small... this building had a bunch of smaller bathrooms, so not too likely for people to walk in), blow up my pfwoot (the inflatable bong), fill it up at the sink, go into a stall, and smoke. (On a side note, I did this EVERY time I had my chemistry lab, and only had one close call where a teacher walked in right when I was about to light (I could tell it was a teacher cause he was clearin his throat all loud while he was peeing, and he sounded like an old dude).

    Anyway, I'd then go smoke a cigarette and go back into class. My lab partner would look at me, be like "ARE YOU FUCKING HIGH AGAIN!?" and I'd be like "shut the fuck up; just do the lab"

    He would do the lab (I get a little clumsy sometimes when I'm high, and I didn't want to be breaking shit), and I would do the report (he was not very good at the math and such).

    Anyway, not as funny as the other stories unless you can picture this guy's face as every single week I'd go out right after the lab explanation and come back blitzed out of my skull. I'd then have to walk him through the lab (not touching any of the stuff myself, for fear of breaking it), and write up the lab report. Fun times :)
  16. hotbox in grocery store lot, dorm room every night, walking aroudn on campus with joints/blunts, smoking a blunt rollin thru a police station parking lot with teh windows down i was really high and didnt realize the 20 cop cars in the parking lot,drive thrus, random small rooms in parking garages, idk man so many places lol, the lifeguard room at the pool, the stairs in the dorm, the list goes on
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    my friends uncles car right behind his house in the alley way haha hotboxed the shit out of it.

    last summer went to states with my baseball team, the area was nothing but mountains so we would just drive up a mountain road, stop at the best view on the side of the street nd spark a couple blunts. also the first night there we fishbowled the motel bathroom haha.

    my friends backyard right by his parents bedroom window.

    my back yard

    my room

    walkin up busy streets

    baseball dug outs

    on my friends trampoline at like 9 at nigh with both her parents home
  18. Bong in a grocery store parking lot, bong in front of random houses at like 6 o'clock in the evening, dorm rooms, campus, random public bathrooms, elevator (once, weird day)...I love smoking in random places.
  19. longboardin around campus at about midnight, lookin for a chill new spot to burn a fat cone. ride down through a small parkin lot and notice a tree above a creek on the other side of the lot. rolled up to it, and hopped up on one of the low branches. i was just about done with the j when two cops roll up in the lot, they had their spotter on but hadnt swung it to the tree yet, so i was like fuck time to go. put out my joint jumped the creek and rode away. im sure they saw me leave cause the other lot was lit up like day, luckily there was no quick way for them to drive to the other side so i was long gone before they couldve gotten around.

    another time chillin on the lower roof of a unimportant campus building, didnt know that there was a janitor in it who probably saw me the whole time burnin a j. come back the next night cause it was a really tight spot, and there was a cop parked right infront of where i needed to get up to the roof so i kept on riding right by. and now that i think about it i believe thats the night i went to the tree and i wonder if that cop was lookin for a boarder tokening.:smoking:
  20. One day before school we hot boxed the dugout across the street from my school, in PLAIN view of the administrators office, by far the sketchiest place I've ever smoked. Prolly like a 50/50 chance of gettin caught.

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