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  1. I'm planning a grow and considering the risks. What advice would you give a guy living in an apartment, in a small city, in Massachusetts, who is thinking of growing a plant or two?

    I'm contemplating worst-case scenarios right now, like getting busted. Massachusetts only draws a distinction between growing more or less than 50 pounds. So, if I got caught with two plants, would I get the same punishment as someone growing 49 pounds of weed? I've done my research about the law, but I don't know how it works in practice. What kind of penalties do people get for small grows? How can they be avoided?

    I have a medical job and I want to know if getting busted would utterly destroy my life. ...Not that I plan on getting busted.
  2. Keep it small, keep it discrete and DON'T TELL ANYONE and you should be fine. Sorry, don't know the laws in USA but a drug conviction usually prevents you from working with kids or working in a medical enviroment, at least in the UK.

    That said, as long as you invest in a decent carbon filter and take some stealth precautions like getting seeds and equipment sent to a diffent address from the place you'll be growing and keeping schtum you'll be rolling in your own bud in no time!

    Good luck matey, and remember, when you've become one of us you are no longer one of THEM! :D
  3. youd get in more trouble for growing 20 small plants than you would 2 large plants, even if the large plants yeild more.

    just tell nobody you know, build a cuppord to the space you want, then grow.

    if your thinking low key but you wana get decent yeilds, you wana go with hydro, like a bubble bucket.

    OR if you want better tasting bud, grow in soil.

    yea get a carbon filter to eliminate smell.

    AND ALWAYS! put a lock on your cuppord that you grow in, the last thing you want is sombody accedently finding them.
  4. looking at norml you'd probably get less than a year since 50-100 lbs is a 1 year mandatory minimum sentence if you were doing a small grow. You probably would lose your job, but that's the way pretty much every state operates besides medical states possibly.
  5. carbon filter is a must in your apartment. ALSO noise high powered fans will produce more noise. so id suggest build the perfect space with the right powered light like id suggest a 250hps/mh for 2 plants, get a cool tube and low powered fan like 80cfms to cool the light and another one like it too pull air in the box threw a carbon filter too keep smell down. and scrog screen to maximize yeilds and buy a 5 or 10 pack of femmed seeds so you dont have to worry about males.
  6. Like everyone said, but perhaps not emphasized enough. DO NOT TELL ANYONE. Not your girlfriend, not your grandma, not your bestest best friend that's known you for 30 years. NO ONE CAN KNOW.

    Once you take care of that. A simple carbon filter and some common sense and you will never get busted. It's almost an impossibility if you take it seriously enough. It's easy to be non-chalant about growing weed and eventually become careless.

    But if you remember that it is serious serious business that you're playing with, you will be just fine.

    Just DO NOT TELL ANYONE. And don't take any shortcuts when it comes to security.
  7. If your job requires a urine test for employment (which I assume it did) and you get busted for growing Marijuana, you could probably kiss that goodbye along with any other government / medical related type of work.

    I have also heard that when police throw your girls on a scale to see what the charges are, they weigh EVERYTHING down to the stalk and roots... so 50 pounds could add up quick.

    It depends on where you live if your asking what type of penalty you would receive for 2 plants.... if your in a small town, realistically you'd probably do a night in jail, get released and maybe charged with a misdemeanor... if your in a populated city with lots of problems, they might not even charge you... too much paperwork for 2 plants.
  8. You're in Medicine in the US!? Are you a doctor? If yes, without being rude you could def. afford one of these bad boys, http://www.4hydro.com/growroom/bcprod.asp Once again I don't want to be rude but if YOU ARE a doctor you should be doing rather well, I have many friends who are doctors and they are doing very well for themselves.
  9. the way they bust u for growing 50 pounds is they weight each plant, in the bucket with the soil and all, a 5 gallon bucket holds 40 pounds of dirt. do u get the picture? i wouldnt even grow in a appartment, one plant smells strong enough
  10. Keeping Watts low is Key. Kamels CFL Guide is a must.
    And as others said. TELL NO BODY.

    Finally keep that smell under controll... Check out google for a "kitty litter scrubber"
    It's a way of smell controll.

    There is this clear silica based kitty litter, use it instead of catbon.. you'll be verry happy. Plus it is so easy to buy gallons of kitty litter, vs gallons of activated carbon.
  11. Are they really that lenient anywhere? Really?

    Not a doctor; I wish. There's no way I could afford that thing, although I am looking into low-end grow boxes on eBay. There are some pretty good-looking ones between $250 and $500.

    I'm only planning to grow two plants, probably hydro. It shouldn't add up to 50 lbs. no matter how they weigh it.

  12. That's IF your in a high-crime area anyway (IE-DC, Baltimore, etc) and you ONLY have 2 plants. I doubt they'd even come out for it... honestly in those places they have way better things to be doing with their time then ripping up 2 plants out of someone's closet..

    Now, if your out in the country, you might make the front page of the local newspaper... it all depends on how your "crimes" stack up against your surroundings.
  13. yeah I didn't think they were that lenient that they wouldn't even care the least I would think they would do is take the plants and slap you with a fine. What if your you're in a decent sized city nothing big like 25,000-110,000 about?
  14. looks like u got alot of advice but really the main thing is

    do not tell anyone

    even friends, dont tell them

    they will only tell others, knowing where a cannabis plant is growing makes good conversation

    this way there is no way the police or any other unwanted pests can find out
  15. dont tell anyone and get scrapers and a purifier and youll be ok.

    pick a strain that doesnt stink a lot and like i said , dont tell anyone!
  16. yep as said several times "loose lips sinks ships"

    carefull when taking your equipment up to your apartment, dont want the neighbours noticing you carrying bags of soil/hydro set ups,nutrients, lights, pots,mylar, etc etc..............

    stay safe bro:smoke:

    & all the best in your venture:)

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