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Risk of smoking in Toronto on holidays and in "cafes"?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by danik420, May 8, 2011.

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    So I was blitzed for the marijuana march in Toronto Queen's Park yesterday, and it really got me thinking. I mean, there were thousands of people smoking huge spliffs right in front of the cops... yet the cops were there for crowd control and didn't arrest a single person? Last time I checked cannabis possession was still illegal in Toronto, I'm not sure how people arrange a no-bust day for a whole division of cops...who even has the authority to do that?

    Afterwards, I went to a weed-friendly place called the Vapor Lounge. Again, they provide vapes and bongs and people bring their own weed. Everybody in that place had bags of weed and the police never walked in. I fully support this, I really liked the place and plan to go back this weekend. Now, is there still a risk associated in going to a place like that, or would they never go to a place like the Vapor Lounge, Hotbox Cafe, etc? Could they just have walked in if they liked and arrested me? If so, as much as I like the place, avoiding a criminal record is more of a priority to me.

    In conclusion, how safe is it? Thanks fellow Canadians :smoke::smoke:
  2. What cops tend to frown on is trafficking. And they will arrest and charge you if they see you openly soliciting. As for the establishments mentioned, they wouldn't stay open as long as they did, if there was fear that their clientelle would always get arrested if they were in there smoking. Yes it is illegal, but possession of small amounts isn't worth the time and effort to charge and get conviction. Don't worry too much about it, and don't do anything stoned, that would get you in trouble with the 'man'
  3. Here's my vid of me at the Toronto match man, mad crazy lol

    [ame=]YouTube - Global Marijuana March 2011 In Toronto[/ame]
  4. God damn it, I'm moving to Canada. If it's anything like Trailer Park Boys, I'd thrive there!
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    That's really awesome, yet confusing. The way Canadian laws on cannabis work...

    Nice vid man, looks you had a good time with your boys :smoke:. I saw the emo kid too btw, haha.

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