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  1. I just Had my ladies ripped by someone today:eek: and im not very happy but i was wondering if anyone can help me out. So when do you think the latest date i could plant outdoor in the midwest?
  2. On ur next grow u should set up some hunting cameras. As far as the latest time u can grow im not positive, but i would say June 1st would be a good time if u can b e ready by then. Cuz on june 21 the days will get shorter and induce flowering, so u should give it a while to veg.
  3. Alright thanks for the tips/info
  4. Yea you should be good for round # 2 good luck
  5. You're fine. The days start getting shorter on June 21, yes, but they won't be short enough to induce flowering in most strains until late July or even later in some cases.
  6. Late July - that´s when mine flower.
  7. Sooner the better but I would not personally germinate a seed later than July where I live NE. At that point I don't think they will have time to grow enough to yield enough to make the effort/risk worth while.

    Where they dug up or yanked? Kind of early to be ripping unless it was for replanting somewhere else, or worse cops.

    Good luck finding a better spot.
  8. We are getting to the ´Is it too late?´ season. We get bombarded continually with that question until Xmas eve.
  9. Combine this with the always in season "how much will I get" and reference a supply list consiting of a black light, a roll of tinfoil and you truly make some thread magic to carry us all through.
  10. And you cant forget about the topsy turvy question asked 3 times a week.
  11. Thanks allot guys. And they were cut, not ripped or dug up and thanks for the info made me a little more enthused about my situation.
  12. You know, people could have a little more compassion for a fellow grower who got ripped rather than make fun of the question.

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