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    I would first like the state that I know I'm a fucking idiot for fronting money. I hate myself for it. So telling me how stupid I am for fronting money won't help...I know I'm an idiot.

    Well about 2 months ago I decided to buy an ounce of weed to sell to my friends and stuff because I wanted to make some extra cash. So I asked my weed dealer at the time if he could help me out and surprisingly he said he would because I told him I would still buy weed for myself from him. So he said he needed the money up front so he could go pick it up. I hesitated but I was so desperate at the time I actually did it. I trusted this guy...he's gotten me weed and shrooms many times. He also went to my school and was also a senior.

    So I gave him the money ($220) and he said it would take a couple days. So a couple days went by and I asked him if he had gotten it yet. He told me that he got robbed with my money and was broke himself. So later on I asked if he had gotten my money but he kept saying how it was my fault that he got robbed because supposedly he had to go to a different part of town to get dro because he usually got kush or some shit like that.

    It's been 2 months and he said he would pay me back but I highly doubt he would. Nor am I even sure that he actually got robbed and ripped me off. He goes to night school at some other school now and I know what area he lives in but I'm not sure which house is his. I have his number still and today I just texted him saying "I'm not getting my moneys worth, am i" to him. No response and I didn't expect one.

    Now...I would really like my money back. Any ideas on what to do? He's white but hangs out with a tough crew, so threatening him probably wouldn't work. Or should I just give it up and never front money again..lesson learned.

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    jump him and shoot him

    lol jk but you could either stop fuckin around with him or you could actually fight him when no one is around. honestly if that were me i would probably pretend to pick up from him and bash his kneecaps with a crowbar but that wouldn't be the smartest idea....
  3. doeshe have a car?
  4. Get to him while he's alone and rob his ass. If he doesn't have the money then just beat the rest out of him, you'll feel better lol
  5. nah dead ass just be like let me get a half instead of kush be like i dont trust you with my money this time and when he picks it up have some boys with you and stick him.
    then push the half and theres your money back
  6. or hire a hitman to exterminate him
  7. You fucked yourself, don't expect to see your money back without violence.

    So, beat his ass or move on and learn.

    Reverse lookup him and find out where he lives.
    If he doesn't get you your money get revenge on his ass.
    Perferably take like an oz of weed from him as his story is probably bullshit.
    Don't do anything to him if he knows where you live because you don't want him coming after you.
  9. have a friend set him up for a qp and rob him.
  10. dude are you serious how do you even have to ask,

    fucking kick that dudes ass he ripped you off for over 200 hundred dollors.
  11. Where are all the pussies saying not to do anything about it...its just money......bullshit

  12. Wouldn't that be alot more than 220$?
    Seems like overkill (haha pun)
  13. Knock that bitch out. Or get a couple guys together, and knock that bitch out. Thats alot of cash man, you dont just let people take that shit from you.
  14. Thing is...he has dropped off mushrooms at my house. So if I do beat his ass, he might come back even harder and hurt my family members or something.

    I think it's not worth it...Maybe if he took over $500 I'd do something. But I don't see the point in the risk anymore. Lesson learned I guess, I'm too pussy to do something drastic.
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    Man it's fucking $220, that's it.

    You need to find a better dealer or someone who has decent mids if you want to make it worth it. I could make that $220 back in a day working with mids.

    OP, good choice. Don't front money again and lesson learned.
  16. Well if thats the way you want to deal with it then fine. Now you know to be more careful
  17. $200 really aint shit...i would take it as a loss but not hesitate to catch him slippin'
  18. the satisfaction of seeing his red bitch blood run is worth more than any amount of money :D

  19. Shank shank shank

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