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  1. So my friend who is rich decided to buy some weed. We asked for the best stuff this guy had which was dro and we paid 35 for it. It came in a little bag and was like a dime (actual dime - money...) size as in like circumference. And it was plain green but did smell kind of fruity. So how much weed is that and how much should it be worth - $10? Anyways it didn't have hairs or colors besides green. But one thing we noticed was that it didnt burn like the normal stuff we smoke! Does good weed not burn as much?
  2. well if you said it had NO hairs on it and it didnt burn right then it most likely wasn't weed..... you got fucked over sucks bro
  3. If it was literally the size of a dime it was like a little nugget or two, which is worth like a few dollars.

    You're mistake was knowing nothing about weed. People who ask for "the best stuff" sound like they have no idea what is going on.

    Educate yourself on GC and you won't get ripped next time.
  4. No it was definitely weed, it just didn't burn our throats like normal.

    I think I know a lot more then my friends and I knew we got ripped off but couldn't do anything. And im not paying so its fine.
  5. Ah well if it wasn't you then no worries!

    Better luck next time man.
  6. lol if u knew ur were gettin ripped u could have spoken up next time use a different dealer cuz this one will remember u guys for being gullible, and ask for what u want by strain name this shows the dealer u know a bit about what ur talkin about some dealers wont carry some some stuff so ask for mids for medium ranged stuff and when i get anything real good i ask like" u got any white widow, skunk or whatever other strain im might want this improves the chances of the dealer having something ud like to buy. plus look at pics of what good stuff looks like it always has hairs and crystals the crystalier the better plus look up the average rates for ur particular strains or theat level of weed so u ensure ur payin the right amount
  7. Ya I know but it was late and my friend just grabbed it and walked off. Also we are a bit young and so is the guy we bought it from who buys it from the dealer. So of course he wants profit, but it doesn't matter because my friend is rich. I'm mainly just mad that we didn't get much at all.... So if I ask him next time and I have like $50 and he wants a $15 profit what should I ask for? Be like I want a 1/8th of dank, you keep profit?
  8. Ok, exactly how old are you, just wondering because my answer will depend on it?

    Happy Toking.:smoking:
  9. lol no u dont need to talk about profit if this dudes selling for a good dealer ull buy the stuff for the same price as straight from the dealer and when the dealer gets money he will pay his little croanies paying more is bad u say what u want and if its an eigth of some dank weed due expect to pay 50 or 60 bucks but thats tops and thats without adding 15 bucks for profit to the kid dont do that keep it 50 ish like i said hell get payed for his work and he works that out with the dealer
    this is a reason its also best to deal directly with the dealer so these confusions can be left behind never pay more for weed cuz ur buying of a dealers seller
  10. This was pretty funny, thanks.
  11. 18

    Ok thanks

  12. Better luck trying to get kids banned next time.
    Happy Toking.:smoking:
  13. Lol, I don't know whether you were being serious or sarcastic, but thanks, It is fun to try.. Yay! It is 4:20 as I type THIS. Sorry, I'm pretty stoned.
    Anyway, It was weird reading a post by someone else ending:

    Happy Toking. :smoking:

    Happy Toking.:smoking:

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