Ripped Off

Discussion in 'General' started by malachite, Feb 14, 2002.

  1. I have place an Order with Grass City and nothing happened.

    Tried to phone them and I get a so called kid who says he knows nothing about Grass City.

    Have I been ripped off.

    I think so.
  2. So what is the correct telhone number of Grass City - They must have one if they think the are so big.
  3. I've checked, you only ordered 5 days ago!!! you have received an email yesterday your order has been send, you ordered the protopipe did you? Why people always first shout, why don't you mail to the custumor service, don't think the worst at once! People from the states sometimes must wait threee weeks on their order. It's on its way too ya, relax!

    thanks for your order and I understand the concern, custumors are king but..... first ask before shout "fire"

  4. Number 1 we did not receive your email and secondly we did try your phone lines and we got a kid ??? So what would you do if a kid answered the phone of a company that you sent money to. My advise is change your telephone numbers.

    Please provide proof of posting as attachment to your email.

    I await our order.

    Not happy sorry.
  5. what is your phone number? i will call you to settle this argument or call me what is the number you called? ever imagined you could called the wrong number?

  6. This is your contact details

    Our mailing address is:

    Go and try the phone number - whats the 22 for the kid has no extension numbers in his house.
  7. Youar are correct! wrng phone numbers. Sorry for the wrong phone number, the switch last week to paypal payments has made this happen we have edited some templates, this fault sneaked in.

    the right phone number is XXXXXXXXXX

    sorry, we will change it on the site tomorrow!

  8. Just to proof I'm kind of heart. I called my programmers at home to make the changes. The correct phone number is now on the site :)

    Sorry again.

  9. I knew something had to be up here.

    Superjoint certainly does not rip people off.

    Glad to see things are being made right.
  10. I knew so too!!!
    ****hugs**** on superjoint for being such a supaperson :p
    OH what a dork I am. but we do love you superjoint!!!
    PissedOff are you gonna keep your nick like that forever on GrassCity?
    Just curious :D

  11. I was wondering the same thing today. He doesn't seem pissed off anymore and now he's stuck with that nick. Someone should be kind enough to change it for him.:smoke:
  12. Well if admin could I would like to change it to Malachite as per my alias on

    Thanks everyone
  13. Malachite it is!


  14. dude, you're malachite now!
    woohoo :D thanks superjoint ~
  15. Intersting choice. :D

    Glad you're hangin' around with a bunch of stoners like us. :)

    Enjoy your "smoking accessories" and don't be a stranger!

  16. that really sucks dude sorry to hear that

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