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Ripped Off - Shake

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by oufi, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. So I'm a chick. And I'm fairly new at the whole buying weed for myself thing. I've actually never gone by myself before. My friend usually helps me out and goes along with me as we go to her dealer.
    Well tonight I wanted some weed, and she couldn't come with me, so I decided to call her dealer and get it myself.

    I call the dealer. And I'm like "Hey this is ---'s friend. Can I buy off you?" (A dimebag) He can't meet up on my side of town, so I said I'd meet him. I'm kind of freaked, but my friend helps me along, and so I go ahead and go.

    We've bought off her dealer before. And he's hooked us the fuck up before. So I'm pretty excited.

    I meet him at a gas station, and I pull up. And he looks at me through his window and goes "You're not Hannah." And I'm like "I told you, I'm Hannah's friend." (He's sold to me before, with her). Anyways he's all smiling like this is a joke or something. And his lady chick gets out of the car and comes into mine and hands me a bag. And I hand her the money. She gets out, and they drive off.

    See, I know the different amounts and all that shit. So immediately when I get the bag, I'm thinking "Wtf is this?" It's all shake. The thing that bothers me is that I immediately can tell its shake, and I so badly wanted to say something, but I didn't want to piss them off. It's not like I'm stupid.

    I know its nothing really to get ticked off about, since it was only ten. But I want to know what to do in the situation where you think you're getting ripped off. Yeah I heard you should carry around a scale, but I don't know how to go about being like "Hold up one sec while I scale this". I'm a chick and I'm fairly new. And I'm really loving weed.. For future deals, should I just close my mouth and deal with it?

  2. Dude I kinda like shake.
    At least they didnt give you oregno.
    Suck it up, dude.;)
  3. maybe you should get hannah to talk to him for you?
    or the next time you go with her bring it up?
    weigh it out, and even tell him its shake.
  4. yea i think the guy was just tryin to play you since he figured u were new to smoking. Next time just tell him straight up hey this is shake i want a better deal and he'll respect you more since he knows now u know what the fucks up plus your a girl he's not gonna like shoot you haha
  5. Shake still smokes man, plus they took all the work out of breaking it up for you.
    Weigh it first, it may be on.
  6. find a new dealer??
  7. pull a gun on them.
  8. Shakes fine long as it weighs out and isn't filled with stems/seeds. And as long as they didn't keif it, that would piss me off.
  9. if you're not mad enough to bare-knuckle box, you're not mad.
  10. your only buying a dime.. what do you expect, fat dense nugs?
  11. yea if it ways out i would say shut up and smoke....

    i do hate to get ALL shake sometimes but since i smoke out the bong/vape it really doesnt matter any for a dime bag id take just abt anything..
  12. You can complain when you buy a pound and get a quap in shake >_>
  13. #13 oufi, Sep 23, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 23, 2009
    Thanks to all who tried to help me. Fuck off for all those whos noses are up their own asses.

    Sorry for pissing any of you off for loving weed, being new at it, and being confused about the situation.
  14. Oh wait, you just bought a dime. Wtf did you think you were getting? That's pretty general for a dime bag darling.
  15. Well, dont expect to get nugs often, your a chick so you might get a few hookups, but after the hookups you get treated like a normal toker.

    Depending on where you live a dime could range from .7~1.8

    You cant really shove nugs in little ass dime bags
  16. #16 Spaded89, Sep 23, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 23, 2009
    That happened to me once so I called him back but he didn't answer so I text him saying it was short still no answer, luckily I've been to this dealers pad before and he's paranoid as faaaaalk!! So I go by his place with my megaphone that has the little siren on it and I pull up to his place and make sure he hears me by locking my brakes up so he can hear the car stop, turn on the siren and yell "POLICE COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP" and start pounding on the door after I hear the toilet flushing I got in my car left (he lived in a trailer so you could hear him running around grabbing his stash and flushing it) that's what you gotta do when someone fucks with you teach em a lesson they won't forget.
  17. Next time dont give them the money. Just be like umm I'm not buying this and leave.
  18. This.
  19. shake's a little more potent, since it's everything that falls off the bud, it's a lot less likely to be from a leaf, and as long as it's not mostly seeds and stems and it weighs out, it's all good, I'm fine with shake
  20. Btw, it is mostly seeds and stems. ><

    Yeah, you guys are right about this situation.
    But Its not about that.
    I was asking about what to do to in the case where I want to say something, in the future. I was asking how to go by doing that. I didnt ask to be yelled at for buying a dime.

    Wow, guys, calm down. If anything, you should want to give advice to the newbie, not make the them want to shut out.


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