Ripped first leaves

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by SmokingPurple, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. I pulled my seeds off of my sprouted seedlings and half of it's baby leaf was pulled off (not it's first real leaves) will this affect my plant because if so I will kill it before it grows

  2. Honestly, "LET THE PLANT DO ITS FUCKING THING" should be a motto around here.

  3. "dont post out-of-focus pictures", too...

    @OP: its likely to survive if you leave it the fuck alone now, give it enough light, not too much water and no fertilizer. what youve done demonstrates why you shouldnt do that - and thats not just if youre a clumsy motherfucker, seeds actually sprout best if properly buried and then left alone.
  4. LITFA.. Leave It The Fuck Alone.

    But for the OP..
    Next time, spray the seed casing, let it soak a couple minutes, then use tweezers to remove it.

    Not sure if you fucked it up though. I say wait it out and see what happens. You should know if it's dead for sure the next couple days though. I'm crossing my fingers for you.
  5. Thanks man. I'm waiting on some G-14 auto seeds to come in the mail, I will do better next time around lol
  6. Editing a quote I see?

    When you plant the seed either bury it deeper, or wait longer. Patience is very important during this time. The seedling has all it's own hormones to begin growth, so it's doing it's own thing, adjusting to it's home

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