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riped off first time!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mint_Z, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. well i got 1/2 from someone that i was tolled could always get killer weed and as it turns out its ok weed all body high zero mental and its not even that great of a body high but it last a while.... well it was 275 i knew i was getting ripped but there was nobody else around to get it from... what do i do know... i thought about running this kid down with my car or mabye a something else but its so hard to get good weed around here i miss my old dealer....:(
  2. lol 275 for some mids lol you got ripped
  3. tell himto meet you somewhere and keep saying"ill be there in five minutes" and never show up :D
  4. Or you could go and meet and saying u want another half and kick the fuck out of him.0
  5. wow a half for 270. thats the cost for a zip of great homegrown dank around university campuses.
  6. trust me i want to beat his ass...but its the only dealer i have rigth now... i dont knoe mabye ill just grind this really really fine and lay it all out in one session but if i ever do frind someone else i knoe for a fact imma get my moneys worth
  7. ask him not to rip you off- otherwise not much u can do. You bought it !! u could have said no!
  8. I don't see how you got ripped. You knew it was a half. You knew how much it costed...Unless I misread it and he shorted you or something, I see no reason for you to be mad.
  9. if you knew you was getting ripped off why did you buy it? get a new dealer, if you can't find anyone else you arn't looking hard enough.
  10. yeah im trying to get a hold of him but he said he gets it from this guy and that guy wasnt around so he got this well i knew 275 was rip but damn! there was nobody else anyways this will not happen again. and theres a lesson in here i think its never ever trust your gf to find a good dealer. look like imma have to come crawling back to my old guy... fuck
  11. That's a rediculous price...
  12. but you chose to pay that, knowing you were getting ripped. dont try and blame your gf.
  13. Maybe you should get mother nature to be your dealer.
  14. make brownies!

    but seriously, why you so pissed at him for?
    you're the one who payed for it.
    i understand the aggravation with the price
    but talk to him like a man and let
    him know his prices are outrageous. simple as that.
    worst thing that's gonna happen is he wont budge..

    a simple chat can go a long way.
  15. It sucks when you get ripped off. First time i got ripped off i only got less then half of an 8th which sucked and the weed was dank but there was hardly any of it.

    body stone is kinda nice :) i prefer it too head high
  16. Congratufuckinglations you are a douche, and good response to a thread from someone asking for help.

    To the op, I suggest that you grow like some people have already said on here. If that is out of the question, go to the latgest city in your area and go to parks, concerts, large social gatherings, etc. You could also try to find some people in construction or someone painting a house. Not to steriotype, but you will find some bud in a construction yard or a group of people painting a house. You could also try a college campus.
  17. Lol only a douche would say that. why bother buying weed when you can make it? then you know it will be dank ,cheap and you do not have to go far to get any lol.
  18. Why are you blaming your girlfriend for you not checking the quality of the weed before you bought it?

  19. He didnt even say its mids...

    To the OP, just because its indica doesnt mean its bad weed.
  20. its ok let me put it like this it wasnt anything special if your not aware of the situation in jersey then you dont know (if you have a stable dealer everything is easy to get) u really cant stroll into a shadiest parts of parterson and ask to look and inspect weed sucks

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