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  1. Everyone, one of my best friends died last night in a fatal car accident and his brother is in critical condition. He was one of the nicest people Ive ever met and everyone at our school knew him. He brought so much positivity to this world than most people do in a lifetime and I can only hope that is why he was chosen to leave so soon.

    RIP Mike
  2. Aw man, sorry to hear that shit. I cant imagine goin through that. I hope everything works out for his brother, much sympathy man. Stay strong
  3. One of my good friends just died in a car accident a few weeks ago, and my other friend was in critical condition and is now facing Manslaughter charges. It's some rough shit to go through, I feel for you.
  4. dude i feel for you, i hope time heals it man.
  5. smoke a bowl for him and be strong forhis famnily & other friends. my greatest sympathy man. -peace
  6. Jason, I'm so terribly sorry to hear about your loss... it's never easy when someone you care for is taken from you so abruptly and horribly! It sounds like you loved him very much, and that he was a good person... I hate how true it seems to be sometimes that the good die young. My heart goes out to you and your friends' family, and I will send all my possitive karma to your friend's brother in hopes that he will get well quickly and fully...I know there is nothing really I can say that can help you where you're at, but if you just want to talk about it, or whatever, feel free to PM me anytime... I check in here every day at least once or twice, so if I don't get back to you right away, I assure you I will! Hugs and Kisses...

    ~ Terpsichore
  7. Thanks for the kind words everybody.

    This has really hurt more than I thought. I drove by the highschool today and there were tons of flowers, candles, and notes layed out over his parking spot as a memorial. Fortunately his brother woke up this morning with few injuries other than major body ache and some big bruises, but he hasnt learned the terrible news that his brother passed. I start to cry just thinking of how hard it is going to hit him when he learns.

  8. God bless you and yours bro in this time of sadness.

    “Quiet and sincere sympathy is often the most welcome and efficient consolation to the afflicted. Said a wise man to one in deep sorrow, ‘I did not come to comfort you; God only can do that; but I did come to say how deeply and tenderly I feel for you in your affliction.'”

    ~Tyron Edwards~

    Stay green.
  9. Stay strong, stay positive, and honor your friends memory every time you spark a bowl.
  10. Sorry about your loss, hun.
    These are going to be tough times in your life, as well as for your friend's family and other friends; but all you can do is be strong for them and his family.
    All you can do is just be as good of a friend to the other people mourning as you were to him.
    Good luck and if you need anyone, I'm pretty sure every blade here will be willing to lend a shoulder.
  11. it is things like this that make me doubt there is a higher power..

    .....VERY sorry to hear about it man, i know how it feels to lose someone close to you

    in response to Ean's time heals all - It is been 10 years(jan 11th) since someone VERY close to me was taken and although i am at the point where i do not think about it often(as i did when it happened) there are still the random times where it can overwhelm me. Maybe after another 10 years it wont be as bad
  12. i know the feeling man:( as some say time heals all but i really dont believe that. have they learned the cause of the crash?
  13. :( horrible thing to hear...only time can help
  14. I'm really sorry about your loss. It sucks so bad to lose your friends like that. :(
  15. Sorry to hear it man. I know theres nothing I can say to help you through this, but just remeber the good times you had with him.

  16. Well today I found out he was drunk:mad::mad::mad:

    He was going near 60MPH in a small community and failed to make a turn, hit a ditch and got launched into the air hitting a tree and landed upside down in some bushes. It pisses me off that he was stupid enough to drive drunk but it is still extremely sad. They turned his parking spot into a memorial at school and its covered in flowers, pictures, melted candles spelling out his name, and a bunch of other random things. Today I wrote a 2 page note to him and left it there while hundreds of kids gathered around it before school started. Im thinking of rolling up a big doobie and leaving it there tonight for him.

    Oh and by the way, the wreck happened as he was leaving his very best friends birthday party who just turned 18, what a depressing way to enter adulthood...
  17. stay strong bro. my bros friend died in a car wreck on his 21st because he was drunk. and back in '95 my bro broke his leg in a car accident because his drunk-ass friend offered him a ride home and my bro didnt know. well he broke his leg and couldnt walk for a good 3 months, and he still walks with a limp to this day because of a stupid decision. just stay strong, and always keep him in your memory.
  18. damn, that picture makes it that much more real :(

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